How to Become a Bard Driver

Becoming a Bard Driver

You will need to provide us with a few documents and complete some required steps to become a Bard Driver.

Required Documentation

1)  Current Drivers License -You must have a current NY Class D (or equivalent) driver’s license for at least 1 year in order to apply to become a Bard Driver.

2)  Copy of a NYS 6 Hour Defensive Driving/Point Reduction Course Completion Certificate -You must have passed a New York State approved 6-hour defensive driving/point reduction class and be in possession of the hard copy certificate from the course. This can be completed by taking a Bard sponsored class on campus, a New York State sponsored class off campus, or online by visiting I Drive SafelyNew York Safety Program, or New York Safety Council.

3)  Read and agree to our “Rules of the Road” document -The “Rules of the Road” document familiarizes you with Bard College specific rules of conduct.Our “Rules of the Road” will be updated periodically.  As a Bard Driver, you will automatically be bound by the terms of the most current document.

4)  Print, complete, and sign the “Authorization for Consumer Report” form  -This is a form that states that you have read, understood, and agree to the required documents, and that you have passed an approved driving course for insurance purposes. Click to download the Authorization for Consumer Report.
Driving Assessment
5)  Complete a Bard Transportation Driving Assessment -After you’ve provided us with the documents listed above, you will need to schedule and complete a 1-1/2 to 2 hour Driving assessment with us.  The evaluation will given by one of our professional drivers, and must be completed by all Bard Drivers.

All documents, certifications, and evaluations are required by law and/or Bard College’s insurance companies to drive any Bard College vehicle (including, but not limited to, golf carts, ATVs, passenger cars, passenger vans, leased vehicles, trucks, and heavy equipment).  Each Driver is responsible for keeping their license, certification, and required documentation current and up to date with Bard Transportation Services.  Failure to do so will result in automatic suspension of driving privileges.

**Allow at least one week to process your application for insurance purposes. You will not be eligible to drive a Bard vehicle for up to one week after the above steps are completed and all materials are submitted to the Bard Transportation Services.

Contact Information:

Security Office – 845-758-7460

Transportation Department – Jeff Smith – 845-758-7625                                                  Andy Champ-Doran:  845-758-7810        Email: