Saturday, September 20, 2014 Red Hook will close Prince Street for the festival.

When traveling southbound (to Hannaford) the Shuttle will stop in the usual location in front of the Golden Wok Restaurant.

When traveling northbound (back to campus) the shuttle will be unable to stop at the Municipal Lot in Red Hook due to the closure of Prince Street.  All passengers wishing to travel northbound (back to campus) must board at Church street & Route 199 (W. Market Street).  Thank you for your understanding and cooperation

Regular Red Hook Village pickups will resume Sunday, September 21 at 11:50 AM


Special Note: Red Hook Farmers Market & North Bound Campus Shuttle Alert

On Saturdays when traveling Northbound from Red Hook to Campus the Shuttle can NOT stop at the municipal lot in Red Hook. The Farmer’s Market blocks Prince Street causing the shuttle to detour when traveling North back to campus from Hannaford.

All potential riders should gather at Church Street and Route 199 on Saturdays 12-3 pm!


Posted: 8/8/14

Any and all persons riding a Bard Shuttle must be a Bard student, faculty or staff member with a valid and legible Bard ID. Guests must be accompanied by Bard student, faculty or staff member to use the shuttles. Guest must have a valid pass issued by the office of Security, no exceptions. IMPORTANT SHUTTLE CHANGES

Bard Shuttle Mission Statement

The Bard College Shuttle is intended to offer safe and reliable transportation to/from campus for students residing off campus in the neighboring villages of Tivoli and Red Hook so that they may attend class and engage in the academic life of the college.

Inclement Weather: In the event of inclement weather (ice and snow), updates will be posted to our home page and the E2 Campus Alert System.  Contact Security at 845-758-7460 or the Transportation Office at 845-758-7625.

All schedules have been provided by the Bard Transportation Office. For more information call 845-758-7625, or e-mail trans@bard.edu.