Transportation Request Form


Trip requests are submitted by administrative offices, academic departments, or other budget holders of Bard College.  Bard College Transportation Services will only consider trip requests through one of these budget holders.  Please check with your department, club, or advisor if your organization wishes to request transportation for a Bard College function.

All Transportation Requests must be submitted via email to [email protected] using the “Transportation Request Form” provided here.  Please copy, paste, and complete the form as the body of your email (no attachments, please).

Information provided in the request must include the following:  Requester name and contact information, account number, ADA services required for the trip, date of travel, number of passengers, a passenger contact name with cell number, times and places of departure, destination, complete itineraries, and returns.  Disregard requests for flight or train itineraries if they do not apply to your passengers.

Incomplete requests may not be considered, and no transportation will be confirmed until all information is provided.
Bard Transportation Services may submit trip requests beyond our capacities to an outside contractor.
Bard Driver eligibility must be confirmed for each trip through the Department of Transportation.  Status will be confirmed as soon as practical.
Requesters will receive an email Confirmation of the trip when it is approved and scheduled.  Trips shall not be taken until the Driver has received and carefully examined the Transportation Confirmation.

All Club and Student Activities requests and related correspondence must be copied to [email protected] for funding approval.

The vast majority of Trip Requests will be submitted to and approved by the Bard Transportation Services.  The Trustee Leadership Scholar program, the Center for Civic Engagement, and the Bard Prison Initiative will arrange transportation through their offices.

Bard College reserves the right to grant, deny, or alter trip requests at any time.
Transportation Request Form

Office Phone:
Cell Phone:

Account Number:

Are ADA Services or Accommodations Required For This Trip?  Yes or No
If Yes, Provide Complete Details Here:

Date of travel:

Driver Name (if you are providing Bard certified driver):
Driver Cell Number:

Number of Passengers:
Passenger Contact, Name:
Passenger Contact, Cell Number:

Pickup Location and Address:
Pickup Time:

Destination and Address:
Desired Arrival Time at Destination:

Return Departure Time:
Return Destination and Address:

Flight Itinerary
If requesting transportation to or from an Airport, we will need the following information for the leg of the flight connected to this request:
Flight Number:
Arrivals; Flight ArrivalTime:
              Flight Inbound From:
              Arrival Terminal:
Departures; Flight Departure Time:                                                                                                        Flight Bound For:
                    Departure Terminal
Train Itinerary
If requesting transportation to or from a Train Station, we will need the following information for the leg of the trip connected to this request:

Arrivals; Train Arrival Time:
              Train Inbound From:
Departures; Train Departure Time:                                                                                                          Train Bound For:

Multi-trip tracking spreadsheets are available upon request.  For more information call 845-758-7625, or e-mail [email protected].