How to Become a Bard Driver

Becoming a Bard Driver

1)     Current drivers license – you must have a current drivers license in order to apply to become a Bard Driver.

2)     Copy of 6 hour defensive driving course certificate – You must have passed a New York State approved driving course (6-hour point reduction class) and must bring in the certificate from the course. This can be completed by taking a campus sponsored class, a New York State sponsored class or by visiting If you completed the course online, the certificate must be printed out and turned in along with your other documents.

3)     Read/agree to “Rules of the Road” document – The “Rules of the Road” document familiarizes you with Bard College specific rules of conduct.
Our “Rules of the Road” will be updated periodically.  As a Bard Driver, you will automatically be bound to the terms of the most current document.

4)     Print/sign “Authorization for Consumer Report” form – This is a form that states that you have read and understood the required documents and that you have passed an approved driving course for insurance purposes. Click to Download

**Allow at least one week to process your application for insurance purposes. You will not be eligible to drive a Bard vehicle for one week after the above materials are submitted to the Transportation Office.

Being a Bard Driver

5)    Transportation Confirmation – In order to reserve a vehicle you may fill out a Vehicle Request here: (link temporarily down) or send notice of trip details and – most importantly date and vehicle type, to the transportation department through email ( (Note: Vehicles are to be used for academic activities, clubs, and athletic purposes only). Once you contact the transportation department for a vehicle request you will receive an email of confirmation. This message will ask you for any vital trip information you may have forgotten to include such as: account number, driver information, vehicle type requested, pickup date/time, return date/time and destination.

6)    Obtaining the vehicle – Keys for the vehicle should be picked up at the security office on the day of the reservation. In the binder marked Transportation Reservations you will find a daily log and the trip tickets for the vehicles. The log displays the account, pick-up and return times, driver, and vehicle.

7)    Trip tickets – Trip tickets shall be picked up at the Security Office from the binder labeled Transportation Reservations. The trip ticket for your reservation will be located in the clear sleeve marked for the day of the week you have reserved the vehicle. Trip tickets must be removed from the binder and stored in the vehicle for the duration of the trip. Immediately upon entering the car, write down mileage information. When returning the vehicle, write down end mileage and any notes about the car (vehicle performance, scratches, etc.)

8)    Returning the vehicle – Upon return, trip tickets must be filled out and returned to the security office along with the keys for the vehicle. The vehicle must be parked in the designated parking spot in which it was originally found (vehicles and parking spots are numbered accordingly). Vehicles must be cleaned out and all items must be removed. (Any items left behind will be turned over to the lost and found in the security office. The transportation department is not responsible for lost items.) The driver is responsible to make certain the fuel tank is at least half-full upon return.

9)    License and certificate expiration – If your license or certificate expires, you are responsible for updating your information with the transportation department.

10) Vehicle Reservation information – Vehicles are reserved on a first come first serve basis. Payment or vehicle is by authorized account only. Transportation Department is not able to process cash or checks. Vehicles Available for reservation:

  • 14 passenger turtle top
  • 11 passenger van
  • 7 passenger van
  • 4 passenger car
  • 4 passenger Prius

11) Fuel – Upon return, please ensure that the tank is at least half full. Similarly, when leaving for a trip make sure you leave with enough gas for the trip. If you need to fill up for the trip, the pumping station on campus (located next to the red Maintenance Garage for Buildings and Grounds) can be accessed by calling security. They will unlock the pump for you. Be sure to fill out your name, date and odometer reading on a gas ticket located inside the black mailbox on top of the pump. Charges to club/department accounts will be made based on mileage of the car so refueling on campus will not directly charge your account.

12) Contact Information:

Security Office – 845-758-7460

Transportation Department – Jeff Smith – 845-758-7625                                                  Andy Champ-Doran:  845-758-7810        Email: