Emergency Driving

Department: E-Driver (Emergency Driving)

Emergency Driving safely transports Bard students to emergency medical facilities within a 10 mile radius of Bard College, free of charge. E-Driving is a 24/7 department that provides transportation for students in case of emergencies.

Emergency Driving operates for 24 hours, 7 days a week. We also operate during Citizen Science and L&T.

How to use Emergency Driving:

Emergency Driving can only be called by Bard EMS, Health Services, and Athletic Training.

How it works:

Each Emergency Driver comes to Security at the start of their shift to pick up a cellphone, at either 10 am or 10 pm, and must stay on-campus for the full 12 hour shift. During that time, if EMS judges the situation to require an Emergency Driver, they are called and pick up the student in need and drive them to the medical facility they need.

Who runs Emergency Driving:

Luka Jijieshvili is the current Director of Emergency Driving. For questions, comments and concerns, please email [email protected].

Interested in working for Emergency Driving? Apply on our Employment page!

Position: Driver

  • Driver:
    As a Driver, you will be responsible for safely transporting students to and from their respective destinations (based on the service description). You are responsible for ensuring the safety of yourself and the student(s) as well as the state of the vehicle. There may not be any calls, but you are still required to be attentive and available during your shift.

    • In order to qualify for this position, you must be/become a CERTIFIED BARD DRIVER and registered with Bard Transportation. If you are interested in becoming a certified driver contact Bard Transportation or [email protected]. SRG will reimburse for the required defensive driving class when a driver becomes certified.