Sawkill Coffeehouse

How it works:

Sawkill is a student run on campus cafe serving coffee, espresso based drinks and tea. We operate 9pm to 1am every day of the week! Come on by!

A couple important things to note:

*Coffee and Tea will all be $2. Cash only- no bard bucks. This a student run cafe- with the money going directly back to running the cafe.*
*Fancier Espresso drinks will be coming soon and will be $3*
*BRING YOUR OWN MUG! If you ask for a paper cup – we will charge an extra 50 cents. We do have regular mugs available if you are staying to study/hang out. Otherwise, we strongly encourage you to bring your own travel mug.*

*PLEASE RESPECT THIS SPACE. Much student time and student money went into making this dream a reality. We ask that you respect the space itself as well as keep your noise level to that of any other cafe during coffee hours.
When the coffee house is not open, we ask that your respect those who wish to study in the 24 hour space quietly. Bard has not had a space like this in a very long time, but we believe that our student body is very capable of keeping this community space running in a respectful, clean, and friendly manner, making this a space that truly feels open to all students.*

Who directs employees at the Coffeehouse:

Tirzah Thomas is the current Director of Sawkill. For questions, comments and concerns, please email [email protected].