Community Appointment Transportation Service

CATS provides Bard students with free, confidential transportation to off campus health appointments. This includes, but is not limited to, transportation to doctors visits, therapy, and other types of health needs. Fill out the google form at least 48 hours in advance to schedule a CATS driver to pick you up.

CATS will run from 9am-6pm M-F with 2 shifts (9-1:30 and 1:30-6).

Click this link to access the Google form to request a driver!

Contact: [email protected] or [email protected] for driving availability.

Who runs CATS:

Alex Norrenberns is the Director of Community Appointment Driving Service, and can be contacted at [email protected].

Interested in working for CATS? Apply on our Employment page!

Position: Driver

  • Driver:
    As a Driver, you will be responsible for safely transporting students to and from their respective destinations (based on the service description). You are responsible for ensuring the safety of yourself and the student(s) as well as the state of the vehicle. There may not be any calls, but you are still required to be attentive and available during your shift. 
    • In order to qualify for this position, you must be/become a CERTIFIED BARD DRIVER and registered with Bard Transportation. If you are interested in becoming a certified driver contact Bard Transportation or [email protected]. SRG will reimburse for the required defensive driving class when a driver becomes certified.