Gilson Place

Mission statement: 

In the shadow of historical racial injustice, and in the wake of present racial injustice, Gilson Place is a space created and run by students of color at Bard College with the oversight of student leaders, and supported by administration, staff, and faculty. Under the leadership of the Gilson Place Steering Committee and in collaboration with the many racialized affinity groups on campus, Gilson Place will serve to provide students coming from marginalized racial backgrounds a safe space to program, congregate, learn, and simply be.

Furthermore, as an extension of the systematic goals of the space, Gilson Place’s function is to support the ongoing work of institutional reforms around equity and policy issues that impact the experiences of students of color as they relate to the academic and social worlds at Bard College. The space will also serve as a catalyst for the broader community to think, discuss, and reflect on their relationship and positions within the world as it relates to racial inequality.


Who runs Gilson Place:

Justyne Ingwu is the current Director of Gilson Place. Denise Rodriguez is he current Assistant Director. For questions, comments and concerns, please email [email protected].

Interested in working for Gilson Place? Apply on our Employment page!

Position: Building Manager

As a building manager at Gilson Place, you and the team of managers are in charge of all things related to building upkeep, maintenance, and space reservations. In addition to this you are responsible for making sure that people are comfortable with the space and that the integrity is upheld through all events and happenings.


Position: OCEAN Leader

If you are chosen to be a OCEAN Leader for Gilson Place, your responsibilities will be to communicate with all affinity clubs and bringing events, talks, and resources to the Gilson Community. This includes: encouraging the clubs to host events in the space, keeping track of how clubs are using the space, and reaching out to faculty, departments, or other organizations to host events at Gilson. You will also be in charge of updating social media, as well as the promotion and archiving of events. OCEAN Leader responsibilities may be delegated amongst members. (OCEAN = Outreach, Communications, External Affairs, and Networking)


Position: Horticulture

As a member of the Horticulture department, the individual(s) who occupy this position are beholden to the following obligations: curation of plants within and around Gilson Place, collaborating with horticulture/sustainability-related departments and organizations both within and outside of the College to promote such practices, and other tasks as determined to be necessary by the discretion of the individual/the Committee.