Gilson Place

Mission statement: 

In the shadow of historical racial injustice, and in the wake of present racial injustice, Gilson Place is a space created and run by students of color at Bard College with the oversight of student leaders, and supported by administration, staff, and faculty. Under the leadership of the Gilson Place Steering Committee and in collaboration with the many racialized affinity groups on campus, Gilson Place will serve to provide students coming from marginalized racial backgrounds a safe space to program, congregate, learn, and simply be.

Furthermore, as an extension of the systematic goals of the space, Gilson Place’s function is to support the ongoing work of institutional reforms around equity and policy issues that impact the experiences of students of color as they relate to the academic and social worlds at Bard College. The space will also serve as a catalyst for the broader community to think, discuss, and reflect on their relationship and positions within the world as it relates to racial inequality.


Gilson Place the building is currently closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In the meantime, Gilson Place will share a tent with Kappa House (Office of Equity and Inclusion) that will serve as a physical manifestation of Gilson Place. This tent will be used for scheduled events and programming. Social distancing and mask wearing is required.

Who runs Gilson Place:

Gilson Place is directed by the steering committee with Talaya Robinson-Dancy, Symonne Reid, Jourdan Perez, and Isis Pinheiro as its members. Symonne sits on the SRG board of directors. For questions, comments and concerns, please email [email protected]