Our Directors

Meet our Directors!

Executive Director of SRG

Miala Wilkerson

Hi folks! My name is Miala Wilkerson. My pronouns are she/her and I’m currently a Junior majoring in Psychology. Outside of SRG, I’m a Peer Counselor, Co-Head of the Black Student Organization, and Co-Head of the Chronik Vibez Step Team! Working within SRG is fulfilling my desire to help my peers feel safe on campus. Knowing that I can be apart of an amazing organization fuels that fire and I hope that we can continue to provide these amazing services to you all! A fun-fact about me is that I have a very small dog named Honey Bee Wilkerson!

Director of CATS

Alex Norrenberns

My name is Alex Norrenberns (he/him)- I am a second year double major studying psychology and music performance in the conservatory. I like working with SRG for the meaningful interactions I get to have with other students and because I love to drive.  A fun fact about myself is that I work at Walgreens during the summer.

Director of E-Driver

Luka Jijieshvili

Luka Jijieshvili is a psychology and pre-health major at Bard. He began working as an Emergency Driver year and a half ago, until he took over as a director of the branch last year. He views E-driver as an essential part of SRG and the greater Bard community, providing emergency medical transportation, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Outside of SRG, Luka is also a New York State EMT and the manager of Memory Dynamics Lab.


Director of Gilson Place

Justyne Ingwu

Justyne Ingwu is a junior from New York City majoring in Psychology. She began her work with Gilson Place as an OCEAN Leader her first year and has loved introducing and expanding the space to serve the student of color community at Bard. This year she is the Director of Gilson Place and hopes to transform and further utilize the space as an academic and social resource for the community it seeks to serve.

Director of Night Rides

Osman Saeedi

Mohammad Osman Saeedi is a Junior at Bard majoring in Economics. He worked as a CATS Driver last semester and will be working as the Night Rides director in Fall 2022.

Director of Sawkill

Tirzah Thomas

Tirzah Thomas is a junior from the Bronx, NY majoring in Sociology. They began work with the Student Resource Group as a barista for Sawkill Coffeehouse. Working as a barista kept them connected to the student body and they’ve been inspired ever since to continue working with SRG. This year they are going to take on the responsibilities of the Director of Sawkill Coffeehouse to continue to stay connected and support the student body. Outside of SRG, Tirzah is a student worker for the Office of Development Alumni and Affairs, and with TLS projects.

Director of Spaces

Aria Rashidi

Aria Rashidi is a graduate student from Afghanistan at the Levy Economics Institute. She earned her bachelor’s degree in economics from the American University of Central Asia. She was working as a Senior Revenue Analysis and Forecasting Specialist at the Ministry of Finance in Kabul. She also has a research background, having worked as a senior research officer at the Ministry of Education on World Bank projects. She is interested in conducting empirical studies. She has published a paper called “Effect of Education on Women’s Autonomy in Financial Household Decision-Making in Afghanistan.” She will be the Spaces director at SRG Bard this fall semester.

Director of  TART

Bella Ries

Bella Ries (she/they)

Major: Film & Electronic Arts

Why I enjoy working for SRG: The Bard Student Resource Groups were made to help bard students, and I’m happy to get to be a part of that! Working for TART has been really great.

Fun fact: I play tennis on the Bard tennis team!