What’s an SRG?

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Okay, when you say ‘student-run’ you mean….?

We mean ‘Student-Run’, for reals. We currently have a wonderful staff adviser, David Ferguson, who helps us set certain things up – like the access list for Security, which requires staff approval. All other decisions, payment processing, hiring, interview conducting, etc. – are entirely done by our Board of Directors. We make decisions as a group and rely on our staff adviser to advise us on the best ways to implement the changes we want to make.


I want to work for you guys. What do I do?

Currently our application is out on Handshake! However, if you plan on applying/already have, we recommend you attend an information session to learn more about SRG. We offer these in the beginning of the Fall and Spring semesters. Stay tuned to our website or email [email protected] to get a reminder email announcing when they are. We hire work-study AND non work-study students.


Okay, so I don’t have time for an intense job, but I still want to help out. What can I do?

Most of our positions range from 2-4 hours a week – not a major commitment. These can be rather lucrative, since you have the option of covering other student’s shifts. The only hour limit you have with SRG is what Student Employment dictates, and this ranges on an individual basis (most often 26 hours a week). If you want to volunteer to help the SRG, please send an email to [email protected].


How much do you guys pay an hour?

At the moment, we pay a standard rate of minimum wage ($13.20). However, there is room for advancement, as we hire our directors out of our current pool of employees when our directors are promoted or graduate. In the interest of full transparency, directors are paid more.


I have a question/comment/concern/complaint/well-thought-out insult for you guys. Where can I reach you?

Email us directly at [email protected], and our Executive Director will follow up with you.