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CCS Internship Opportunity

Two CCS graduate students  are looking for one to two interns to help us develop a new project. Starting this Fall 2011 we will be initiating an art space out of our apartment in Tivoli. It’s right on Broadway, right across from the Black Swan, so in terms of our rural existences, it’s in a very “central” location. This is a very modest project, largely triggered by the fact that we found ourselves in a spacious and well-lit apartment that we felt could be activated by our networks of artists, writers, curators and friends who are living in NYC. One of the main elements of this project will be to use a portion of the space (the front glass door which faces the street) to commission image-based works. We want to create a laid back space for iterations of contemporary art to happen here in Tivoli. 1 to 2 very part-time interns who are interested in: curating, writing, publishing, graphic design, starting and running alternative art spaces. These are some of the skills we are looking for: emailing mastery, carpentry skills, 3d google sketch up skills (or other 3d modeling), basic photoshoping and/or illustrator skills, graphic design skills, website making, facebooking, brainstorming, being funny but also responsible.

Not that there will be many expenses in starting this modest project, but please do keep in mind that this is entirely self-funded (by us). Therefore we will are completely invested in making this a mutually advantageous experience for all of us.  If you are interested in hands-on experience into how to start an run an alternative art space from the ground up please send us an email with a short paragraph of why you think you would like to become involved with this project. Agatha Wara, [email protected]