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Faculty News

PEGGY BACON: Cats & Caricatures

Curated by Tom Wolf, Bard College
June 11- October 10, 2011

The Cat That Jumped Out of the Story, n.d. pastel. Franklin Delano Roosevelt, early 1930s. collection of Alexander Bacon Brook.

WAAM: Woodstock Artists Association Museum
28 Tinker Street
Woodstock, New York 12498

The exhibition Cats & Caricatures takes as its theme two of the richest subjects explored by renowned artist and illustrator Peggy Bacon (1898-1987): her skill at drawing and exaggerating the characteristic facial features of friends, artists, entertainers, and politicians and her fascination with cats as visual subjects rich in movement, variety and expression.

Faculty News

Professor Jean M. French’s Retirement Party

Senior Karen Johnson, Junior, Christopher Richards and Jean

On Friday, May 20th, in a tent behind the Barringer House on Annandale Road, Jean was feted, toasted and celebrated by the Art History program and current colleagues, past colleagues, past and current students, and many family members.  It was a memorable afternoon with many moving testimonials and amusing recollections.

Jean and alum Christopher McCloskey and Lily Robbins

The Art History program owes its existence to the efforts of Prof. French in the 1970s to secure art history as a major at Bard College.  The very first art history major, Randy Farber Buckingham, spoke of her experience and life long love of Medieval art as a result of being Prof. French’s student.

Prof. Tom Wolf recollected the early days when the department consisted of two faculty members, himself and Prof. French. As you can see below, the program has grown and is thriving.

The Art History Department faculty and staff 2011

Jean concluded the event with a few words of thanks and encouragement.  Later that evening, she was awarded the Bardian Award by President Botstein.

Jean saying her farewells!