Call for Student Reading Groups!

Bard Reading Initiative – Call for Student-Organized Reading Groups

As we begin spring semester, the Bard Reading Initiative and the Dean of the College would like to announce a call for student-organized reading groups and circles.

Reading groups do not need to be linked to a particular course, curriculum, or program. On the contrary, we hope that students take advantage of this opportunity to read books for entertainment or edification beyond the formal structure of classes. Books could be fiction, non-fiction, theory, philosophy, poetry, science writing, or anything students choose. We want to encourage sustained reading as an enjoyable method for understanding ourselves, our world, and our place in it, and emphasize the importance of reading as a group practice for building communities of thought and activity.

The Bard Reading Initiative will provide support for approved groups by purchasing inexpensive copies of the selected book for all group members as well as refreshments for group meetings ($100 total). Groups should commit to meeting regularly at least four times throughout the semester.  Receipts should be submitted to Ben Chinsena in Ludlow 208.

Interested students should submit a brief proposal describing the book and the rationale for choosing it along with a note or email of support signed by a Bard College faculty or staff member. In addition, please submit a list of at least 3 students committed to joining the reading group.  Proposals should be emailed to [email protected] with the subject line “BRI reading groups.”  We will host an end-of-year reception to share thoughts about the whole experience!

Deadline for Proposals February 9, 2024

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