Library Hours

May 12 – May 18
Tuesday May 12                830am – 3am
Wednesday May 13         830am – 3am
Thursday May 14              830am – 3am
Friday May 15                    830am – 1am
Saturday May 16               10am – 1am
Sunday May 17                  10am – 3am
Monday May 18                830am – 3am

Tuesday May 19                 830am – 7pm

Wednesday May 20         9am – 5pm
Thursday May 21              9am – 5pm
Friday May 22                    9am – 5pm

Saturday May 23               10am – 2pm

Sunday May 24 & Monday May 25             CLOSED

Tuesday May 26 – Friday May 29     9am – 5pm
Saturday May 30 & Sunday May 31            CLOSED

Monday June 1 – Sunday August 9
Mondays – Thursdays         9am – 7pm
Fridays                                   9am – 5pm
Saturdays & Sundays           12noon – 5pm

Monday August 10 – Wednesday August 26
Mondays – Thursdays         830am – 10pm
Fridays                                  830am – 5pm
Saturdays                             12noon – 5pm
Sundays                                3pm – 11pm

Thursday August 27 & Friday August 28     9am – 5pm
Saturday August 29 & Sunday August 30                   CLOSED

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Need to edit your Digital Commons submission?

If you need to edit your senior project submission on Digital Commons due to suggestions from your board or to fix typos, etc., please go to and click on My Account on the top right.

Logon using the red Bard Account Login button and then click on your submission title in the list below to revise it. It should be in the section titled Senior Projects (plus the correct Semester and Year). You can upload a new file from this screen or change information about your submission. If you update your file, please also bring a new paper copy by the library to replace your old one.

You can make changes to your submission until June 1st.

If you have any questions or need help, please contact Jeremy Hall at


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Logging in to Digital Commons

Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 10.19.22 AMClick on the red Bard Account Login button to get into Bard’s Digital Commons system. This will take you to a page where you use your Bard email username and password.  Then you will check an authors agreement and be taken to the upload page. Any other questions? Let us know!

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Citation Clinics & Senior Project Online Submission Help

DoctorFool2We pity the fools that have 18 page bibliographies! But we’re here to help, so stop your jibber jabber! Come to our Citation Clinics at the library on…

Sunday,April 26th from 4-6pm
Tuesday, April 28th from 6-8pm

We’ll also be on hand to go over the online submission of your senior project to Digital Commons!

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Search Everything Preview Coming Soon!

Soon, we’re inaugurating a Search Everything box on our website, but you can try it now. Click here to view this entire post. Then click on this link:  EDS. This utility searches most of our databases and the library’s catalog all at once!  We’re still tweaking, so if you encounter a problem please  let us know.

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Digital Privacy Rights Workshop

Date: Friday, April 17, 2015 1:00pm-4:00pm
Location:RKC 103
This workshop’s goal is to teach librarians, as well as interested faculty, staff and students about the current state of digital surveillance, our privacy rights, and technology tools that can better protect online privacy, so that they may teach this information to the public. The following topics will be covered, with time for a Q&A:

Practical tools to protect patron privacy with tools including:
• Tor browsers
• Tails (the anonymous, encrypted, live operating system that lives on a USB stick and can get plugged in to any computer)
• HTTPS Everywhere and TLS/SSL on library websites
• Safe and private searches with DuckDuckGo
• Blocking cookies and advertisements (and the malware that comes with them) with AdBlockPlus and Privacy Badger
• Tips for dealing with information requests like National Security Letters.
• A general primer on privacy rights relevant to library environments.

About the presenters:
Kade Crockford ’06 is Director of the Technology for Liberty Program at the ACLU of Massachusetts.
Alison Macrina is the founder of The Library Freedom Project and Supervisor of Technology and Information Management at the Watertown Free Public Library.Jessie Rossman is the staff attorney at the ACLU of Massachusetts.

For further information, please contact Betsy Cawley at 845-758-7064,

Sponsored by Southeastern New York Library Resources Council and Bard College’s Stevenson Library

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Submitting Your Senior Project Online

For students submitting a project this semester the due date is April 29th. To submit your project to our Digital Commons collection go to and click Submit Project in the lower right hand corner. Next click the red Bard Account Login button and use your Bard username and password to login. Then follow the prompts to upload your project. For detailed instructions, please visit

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Need help with pagination for your senior project?

Easy to follow instructions for adding proper pagination can be found online at:

For detailed instructions on format and presentation, go to:

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New Research Guide!

Are you doing research related to music? If so, be sure to check out our new Music research guide:

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Citizen Science Research Guide

citscilogoNeed help with research for your Citizen Science class? Visit the library’s customized research portal for all things Citizen Science related:

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