SPROJ Check-In Meetings

This fall, join us Wednesdays at 4 pm in Room 402 for weekly check-in meetings to help keep you accountable to your SPROJ and provide you with loads of moral support. The meetings will be simple, informal, and focused on moving your project forward. You’ll report to the group what work you’ve done or not done—no guilt allowed!—and set a reasonable, achievable goal for the coming week.

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Bard Accessibility Converter (SensusAccess)

Bard SensusAccess is an on-demand file conversion service that helps Bard students, staff, and faculty convert digital materials into alternate formats, such as audio books, e-books, digital large-print and Braille. This service improves the accessibility and readability of your digital documents.

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Faculty Book Reserves

For any faculty members that would like to have the Stevenson library order or reserve books for your classes. Visit the Faculty Page on our website and see the subheading for “Ordering Books” to help guide you to our forms.

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Kanopy Access

Kanopy is currently under consideration, so access to Kanopy will be limited to films the library has already purchased. Here is a list of titles you are able to view:

Our Spirits Don’t Speak English – Indian Boarding School
I Am Curious: Yellow
Anita – Speaking Truth to Power
This Is Not A Film
Umbrellas of Cherbourg
Short Films of Les Blank I (playlist)
The Marriage of Maria Braun
Heaven is a Traffic Jam on the 405 – A Portrait of an Artist Coping with Mental Illness
Derrida – The Work of a French Philosopher
Seven Samurai (playlist)
Perfumed Nightmare
Maurice Pialat: Love Exists – A Portrait of a French Filmmaker
Seven Beauties – Pasqualino Settebellezze
Song of Love – Chant D’Amour
Helvetica – Typography, Graphic Design and Global Visual Culture
Interdependence, Interconnectedness And The Nature Of Reality
Can Dialectics Break Bricks? – La dialectique peut-elle casser des briques?
Shoot the Piano Player
La Chinoise
For Ever Mozart
Grey Gardens
Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind – The World’s Most Beloved and Inventive Actor/Comedian
Born in Flames
Manufacturing Consent – Noam Chomsky and the Media
The Love Witch
My Friend Dahmer
Watership Down
The Pervert’s Guide To Ideology
Edward Said On Orientalism – “The Orient” Represented in Mass Media
La Collectionneuse
Kamikaze ’89
Eyes Without a Face
Jeanne Dielman, 23 Commerce Quay, 1080 Brussels
The Red Balloon
The Young Karl Marx – Le jeune Karl Marx
Winter Light
Wise Blood
F for Fake
Valerie and Her Week of Wonders
Swept Away – Travolti da un insolito destino nell’azzurro mare d’agosto
The Lobster
Late Spring
Funny Ha Ha
Kedi – The Cats of an Ancient City
Belle de Jour
Sing – Mindenki
A Tale Of Two Sisters – Janghwa, Hongryeon
Aguirre, the Wrath of God – Aguirre, der Zorn Gottes (playlist)
The Sacrifice
Tell Them Anything You Want – A Portrait of Maurice Sendak
The Florida Project
Piglets – Ferkel
Loving Vincent
A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night
Purple Noon
The Miseducation of Cameron Post
My Dinner with Andre
I Am Not Your Negro – James Baldwin and Race in America
Lady Bird
Anna & Bella
Pandora’s Promise
Growing Up Female – Women Talk About Socialization and Gender Roles
God of Love
Ave Maria
A Woman Under the Influence
Film About A Woman Who…
The Prison in Twelve Landscapes – An Examination of the American Prison System
Wild Strawberries
Los Angeles Plays Itself – A Cinematic History of Los Angeles
The Door
His Girl Friday
Check It – A Gang of LGBT Youth in Washington D.C.
Being In The World – Philosopher Hubert Dreyfus
People Like Us – Social Class in America
Surname Viet Given Name Nam – The Role of Vietnamese Women in Society
The Killing of a Sacred Deer
The Rules of the Game – La règle du jeu
The Great Dictator
The Conformist
Hannah Arendt
In the Year of the Pig – Origins of the Vietnam War
The Killing of a Chinese Bookie
In the Mood for Love
Funeral Parade of Roses – Bara no sôretsu
Embrace Of The Serpent – El abrazo de la serpiente
The Early Works of Cheryl Dunye – 6 Short Films by a Groundbreaking Female Filmmaker
Of Fathers and Sons – Following a Radical Islamist Family in Syria
The Wind Will Carry Us
Earth Days
The Interrupters
Rat Film – The History of Baltimore Told Through a Unique Lens
20th Century Women
Always At The Carlyle – New York’s Most Glamorous (and Discreet) Hotel
Pigs and Battleships
Frantz Fanon: Black Skin, White Mask – The Life and Work of Philosopher Frantz Fanon
Meru – Mountain Climbing in the Himalayas
The Disaster Artist
Morning Sun
In Pursuit of Silence – The Impact of Noise on Our Lives
The Pruitt-Igoe Myth
Mr. Hublot

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Reserving Library Rooms with Space Management

Students can now use Bard’s Space Management site to reserve library rooms for group study, Skype interviews, and more. Rooms available to reserve include:

  • Room 308: Nesuhi Ertegun, Skype/Video Conferencing Room
  • Room 402: Pauline Yuells Markel, Seminar Room
  • Room 403: Seminar Room

Use the Library Map to see where these rooms are located.

Tip: In Space Management, look under Charles P. Stevenson Jr Library to find our rooms!

Students are also able to use Space Management to reserve time on the Bloomberg Terminal in the 2nd Floor Computer lab (Lab 206).

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Sussman Collection

Thanks to the generosity of Alan Sussman, we are happy to announce our acquisition of the Sussman Rare Book Collection.

  • To view a particular work, please make an appointment with our Archivist using the online request form. Requests must be submitted at least one week prior to the date of your visit.
    Appointments are scheduled for Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, from 11am to 2pm
  • Use of all materials in this collection must be monitored by library staff.
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Follow Us on Instagram & Twitter

Stevenson Library is on Instagram and Twitter – follow us @bardlibrary.


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Like Stevenson Library on Facebook!

Like us on Facebook to stay up-to-date with library happenings!

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View or download the PDF below to see our workshop schedule for Immigrants@Bard.

Immigrants@Bard Schedule 2018

For more information regarding the Immigrants@Bard workshop, view our guide.

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Martin Luther King Jr and Bard College

The library has a display on the first floor honoring Martin Luther King Jr, including a scan from the July 1962 St. Stephen’s Alumni Magazine covering the honorary degree King received from Bard College. Please stop by and read about this event and check out a book.

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