Fall ’22 Sproj Help & Submission Link!

senior project pileSubmit your Fall 2022 Senior Project

Instructions for submitting libguides.bard.edu/seniorprojectguidelines

Sproj Clinics (Drop in help)
Tuesday (11/29), 4-5 pm library first floor
Friday (12/2), 1-2pm library first floor

Library Extended Hours
Thursday December 1: Open until 3 am
Friday and Saturday: Open until 1 am
Sunday: Open until 3 am

Request a 1:1 appointment for writing support or citation help: www.bard.edu/library/ask-a-librarian.php

Formatting guidelines

Example senior projects by division

Quick citation help

Accessing the Sproj Template in Google Docs
The Sproj Template has the title page and other front matter for your sproj set up with the correct pagination.

  • Log into Google Docs with your bard.edu account.
  • Choose Bard Senior Project from the Template Gallery


  • From any document, click File > New > from template and choose Bard Senior Project. A new document will open in your drive using the template.
  • Simply paste your senior project text in starting on the page marked “1” in the header.
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