Catalog Search

Keyword Search

To search the Arendt Collection. Type the WORD(S) you want, then click Search:

  • To search the cataloged collection for books containing marginalia and other notations, or ephemera (papers and other objects found tucked into the pages of books), you should perform this keyword search by entering the search terms in this way: Arendt marginalia or Arendt ephemera or Arendt dedication – each as a separate search. Results returned will include cataloged items from the Arendt Collection that contain marginalia, dedications and/or ephemera.
  • Searches can be further specified by adding terms such as an author. For example, performing a search that includes: Arendt marginalia Kant, will display the titles we have cataloged in the Arendt collection of which Immanuel Kant is the author and which contain some kind of marginal notations from Arendt.

Advanced Search

For a more accurate search open the COLLECTION CATALOG, which generates a list of all the cataloged titles in alphabetical order contained within the Arendt Collection. Then you will be able to refine this list by performing keyword searches for: authors; titles; subjects; language and publication year.

  1. Select the Limit This Search button located at the top of the page.
  2. Then select the operation you’d like to perform from the drop-down menu: words in the author; words in the title; words in the subject.
  3. For example, you might search the entire list and limit the search to items with Heidegger in the author field. This would produce a second list of all the cataloged items in the collection of which Heidegger is the author.
  4. Similarly, you might construct a search to include all titles containing the word spirit. Again, a second title list would be produced with all the cataloged titles in the collection that contain the word spirit.
  5. You can also choose from similar menus for language and publication year.

The Cataloging staff is now engaged in enhancing existing cataloging records to include indications of materials that contain a variety of notations. Many, though not all, records have been revised. The work is ongoing.