Arendt Access

In order to access the Arendt Collections you are required to fill out the Arendt Request Form.

Reading Room Policies

  1. Food and drink are not permitted.

  2. Researchers are requested to wash their hands before handling materials.

  3. All personal property, including coats, bags, computer and camera cases, books, and folders, must be left in designated areas.

  4. Researchers must register at the Reading Room reference desk. Identification is required.

  5. Special Collections materials do not circulate and must be used in the Reading Room. All materials are retrieved for the researcher by library staff. If you must leave this area for any reason, please return materials to the librarian.

  6. Please use pencils or a laptop/tablet for note taking. Pencils are available upon request.

  7. Digital cameras (with flash and sound mechanisms turned off) are permitted as long as their use does not disturb researchers or damage materials. Cell phones may also be used to photographs materials with flash and sound turned off.

  8. The copyright law of the United State (Title 17, U.S. Code) governs the making of reproductions of copyrighted material. The person using this equipment is liable for any infringement

  9. The Reading Room is a designated quiet area so please keep your voices to a minimum. Please don’t accept calls in the reading room and turn ringers and other sounds off.

  10. Flatbed/ handheld scanners or tripods are not permitted.

  11. All materials must be handled with the utmost care. Books, papers, or elbows may not be placed on open books or manuscripts. Gloves must be used when handling any photographic material. No tracings or rubbings are permitted.

  12. Please avoid hanging or sharp jewelry/watches as they may easily and inadvertently damage items.

  13. Researchers will be allowed 5 books or one Archives box at their station at a time. Excess materials will be kept by the Reading Room Reference Desk.

  14. Researchers must not disturb the order of documents within folders or boxes. Please use one folder at a time – place-holders are provided to keep track of your place in the box. Do not remove materials for copying/scanning.

  15. Researchers intending to use Bard College materials in a publication (print or digital), performance, or broadcast, must complete, sign, and submit a Request to Publish form, available at the reference desk prior to publication. Researchers are responsible for acquiring permission from rights holders before quoting or publishing anything from our collections.