Do What You Love

The work we choose to do is a manifestation of personal intention, something we will into existence through hard work, creativity and perseverance. Work is an extension of our character and upbringing, our intention to create something, and make a lasting impression on the world through this effort.

Finding what one loves, on the other hand, cannot be willed or wished upon. Yes, it takes hard work, 10922273_662895700481383_409459144976744994_obut of an entirely different sort. It takes patience, acceptance and awe-inspiring reverence for a process of self-discovery and openness to its ambiguity. Love exists in free space. It is a confluence of forces coming together to foster the growth within us toward our ultimate nature of being.

Founding a company is such a marriage of work and love. One cannot will a company into existence from sheer passion alone. One cannot calculate every move or rationalize every decision it takes to start a company. Before launching onto the voyage of starting a company, sit with it. Think on what it is you truly want to create and do in the world, what you want to spend an enormous amount of time and energy creating. Starting a company is a passionate and extremely personal experience, one that ebbs and flows, constantly evolving towards greater complexity and/or simplicity and eventual form.

Someone looking from the outside might see this evolution as pivoting—being wishy washy. In reality, it is the process that founders go through to understand what it is they truly want to do. Founding a company is an experiential and creative process, one that requires iterative and tangible adoptions of a vision. If the founder cannot, from time to time, distill the thoughts and assumptions she holds into a tangible, moldable form, she cannot know what it is she is creating. Only through iterative acts of creation and reformation, can the founder craft a sustainable vision of what her creation will become.

Founding a company is a life decision, it is an extension of the love and passion one has for life. It is living life with freedom and the ability to create value for those you love and care for. It is creation carrying great responsibility, with potential to impact the people, places, and overall planetary systems surrounding the company’s geographic and economic location. When faced with deciding which path to take, one only needs have the courage to follow what you truly, deeply feel to be in line with the vision he holds for a happy and fulfilling life.


Miles Crettien is Co-Founder of the aquaponics start-up, VertiCulture Farms LLC, based out of Brooklyn, NY. He has dedicated his career and a large part of his life to the pursuit of bringing sustainable agriculture to a grand scale. Miles is currently an MBA in Sustainability candidate at Bard College. To see his other work please visit

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