Classes Have Begun!

We were thrilled to welcome our Pioneering Class to the MBA inaugural weekend residency at the Bard College campus in the Hudson Valley. Students had the opportunity to meet incoming students from the Bard Center for Environmental Policy and were greeted with a welcome from Director Eban Goodstein. While working through first-day enrollment routines, students were able to get to know their fellow MBA candidates and tour the Bard campus.

The residency keynote was given by faculty member, Hunter Lovins. Speaking about her new book, The Way Out: Kicks-starting Capitalism to Save our Economic Ass, Hunter addressed an auditorium where every seat was filled with MBA and CEP students as well as members of the Bard community and local residents. A lively conversation about the future of sustainable business followed the talk.

Throughout the residency, students attended their first classes which include Foundations of Sustainable Business, Economics for Decision Making, Leadership I, Accounting & The Integrated Bottom Line, and NYCLab. In addition to attending classes, students toured a local CSA run by a CEP alum and her husband, Hearty Roots Farm and enjoyed a barbeque and bonfire at Director Goodstein’s home.

Both students and faculty came away from Residency One fired up and ready for an exciting and challenging semester. Look forward to future updates from the Bard MBA residencies!

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