Saturday, May 15th, 2021 on Qiqochat


10-10:15: Introductions and announcements

10:15-10:50: 5-minute lightning talks by facilitators

10:50-11:30: Breakout Session 1 (select one)

    • Cultural Memory: Documentation/Speculation (Facilitator: Penelope Papailias)
    • Work during Covid (Facilitator: Agata Lisiak)
    • Pandemic Bardo? (Facilitators: Dominique Townsend and Ben Bogin)
    • Pandemic Pedagogy & Assessment (Facilitator: Adhaar Noor Desai)
    • Creative and Artistic Practices (Facilitator: Sanjay Kumar)
    • Communities of Care (Facilitators: THRIVE ON! Network – Keyvious Avery and Aidan Galloway)
    • One Indigenous Response to Covid: Continued Resilience (Facilitator: Bently Spang)

11:30-11:45: Recap

11:45-12:15: Performance 1 (Emilio Rojas)

12:15-1pm: Break and “Tour of the Archive(s)”

1-1:30: 5-minute lightning talks by facilitators

1:30-2:10: Breakout Session 2 (select one)

    • Pandemical Practices of Attention (Phil Pardi)
    • Pandemic of Inequality (Facilitator: Luiza Nassif Pires)
    • “Images” of the Pandemic (Facilitator: Jacob Henry Leveton)
    • Public Health (Facilitator: Joshua Barfield)
    • Mutual Aid and Housing (Facilitator: Kwame Holmes)
    • COVID: Pedagogy for Designing Climate Justice (Facilitator: Jarah Moesch)

2:10-2:25: Recap

2:30-3:00: Performance 2 (Beating the Pandemic Blues with Music: Greek Songs of Quarantine)

3pm: Closing Remarks with final performance