Posted on October 20th, 2014

Notes from the Chair

Leonora Carrington: Invitation, Invocation and Manifestation


Saturday, October 25, 2014
2pm – 3pm

Leonora Carrington: Invitation, Invocation and Manifestation
Prof. Susan Aberth (Bard College)

From her first widely exhibited work, Inn of the Dawn Horse (Self Portrait), executed while only twenty-one in 1938, the artist Leonora Carrington used the act of painting to invoke and harness unseen forces. Through the depiction of communion with and between animals, the presentation of altars containing ritual sacrifices, or the drawing of magic circles and other geometric patterns, Carrington’s work often serves as a perpetual summoning of the divine to manifest. Celtic goddesses, spirits of the departed, the Sidhe of the Tuatha Dé Danann, and other chthonic and ancient entities are called forth to serve unknown purposes or perhaps simply to demonstrate their continued existence and intervention in our supposedly secular times. This talk will focus on works in various media that best illustrate this aspect of Carrington’s oeuvre.

Vitrine Displays


packett is one of the most comprehensive and innovative international book series on contemporary art. Published biannually each volume focuses on three to four of the world’s most compelling artists, whose oeuvre is explored in three to four texts by renowned authors. At the same time each artist creates a limited edition work exclusively for the readers of Parkett. To date Parkett has published 94 volumes with a total of 240 artists collaborations.
This exhibit highlights a selection of some twenty of these collaborations from the last 30 years.


Curated by Kornelia Tamm
Courtesy of Dieter von Graffenried

September 4- October 10, 2014
Stevenson Library Atrium