A BOS Bike Ride

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It took some begging and borrowing, (though thankfully no Bard borrowing,) but at long last five other Bard students and myself were equipped with functioning bicycles and ready to roll out of the Kline Bus Stop. The weather had turned … Continued

Free Rides, Free Chocolate, and You

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  On February 13th (Valentine’s-Day-Eve) Bard’s Office of Sustainability will be giving out sweet & sustainable treats. From 1:30 to 8:00pm in the Campus Center, (or while supplies last) our Eco Reps will be giving anyone who signs up for … Continued

FreeUse and Green Christmas at Bard

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There’s nothing like sitting among the shredded wrapping paper, untied bows, and empty boxes that are the ravages of a successful Christmas morning. The cat swats excess paper around the living room and your little cousins make crowns out of … Continued

Here There Be Owls

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  Had you been walking past Cruger Island Road last Thursday evening, you might have noticed a few bobbing lights in the dark woods beyond the street lamps. Don’t get too excited—Bard has not been occupied by fairies or aliens. … Continued

Bard’s Farm Stand

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  Every Thursday from 12 to 5 pm from June to October, visitors to the Campus Center will be met by tables loaded with fresh produce, jam, honey, and other Bard-harvested treats. This is the Bard College Farm Stand, and … Continued

An Ode to the Bard Goats

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  While crossing the lawn next to Blithewood Manor, it’s possible you have seen goats grazing behind an electric fence. Your eyes do not deceive you; during the growing season, roughly between June and October, a herd of goats is … Continued

Hurricanes, Climate Change, and Bard

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https://www.houstonpublicmedia.org/articles/news/2017/09/25/238821/house-speaker-promises-aid-for-puerto-rico-hurricane-victims/   The images are unforgettable: dead livestock in the street, houses stripped down to their foundations, cities darkened by an island-wide power outage, and everywhere, endless devastation. Puerto Rico is an island in the full grip of crisis after … Continued