Safe Ride and Tiv Deliv

Safe Ride safely transports Bard students back to Bard’s campus from nearby Tivoli and Red Hook, free of charge.

YES                                                                            NO

Pick up students in unsafe situations               Not a taxi service

Safely transport them to campus

Bard students current  ID or a guest pass

Hours of Operation:

Safe Ride runs from 12 AM – 3 AM on Thursday, Fridays and Saturdays during the semester. In case of inclement weather, please contact Security to learn the availability of the service. If the shuttle has stopped running early, Safe Ride will be cancelled for that night for the safety of our drivers.

How to use SafeRide:

1. Call Safe Ride at (845) 758-7144 to request a ride. Be prepared to give the dispatcher your first name, the address you are being picked up from and phone number (see below for details on why you are asked this).

2. Leave your phone on, and turn off silent settings.

3. Once the van arrives, talk to the Navigator in the vehicle and hop in. They will ask to see your current Bard student ID or a guest pass.

4. Get home safely.

How it works:

Students call the SRG dispatcher to request a ride. The driver and navigator pick up said student(s) and bring them safely back to campus (not to other areas in Red Hook or Tivoli).

*A Note about Safe Ride: Safe Ride is not a designated shuttle, and reserves the right to prioritize certain calls over others. If a student feels unsafe, or is an unsafe situation, our employees will prioritize those students over picking up other calls for transportation, especially while the shuttle is still running.

Any information (name, phone number, etc.) you give Safe Ride will not be used against you. The information is to collect data on our usage so we can improve the service and in the event of an emergency or accident.

Tiv Deliv (Same vehicle and driver as Safe Rides) transports Bard students who are registered Tivoli residents only to their Tivoli homes.

YES                                                                      NO

Emergency Use Only                                      Not a taxi or shuttle service

Campus to your Tivoli Home                        Not to parties or Bars

For registered Tivoli residents                      Not for campus or Red Hook residents

Bard students with current student IDs

How to use Tivoli Delivery:

1. Arrive at the Old Gym to check in with the SRG dispatcher.

2. Once the van arrives, talk to the Navigator in the vehicle and hop in.

3. Get home safely.

How it works:

Tivoli Delivery runs every half hour from the Old Gym (behind Security), starting at 12:00am. You must be a Tivoli Resident in order to use this service. Our 2 student employees (1 Navigator and 1 Driver)  pick up student(s) and bring them safely back to Tivoli (not to Red Hook or on campus).

Who runs Safe Ride/Tiv Deliv:

Emma Tilley is the current Director of Safe Ride and Tivoli Delivery. For questions, comments and concerns, please email [email protected]