Thursday, April 7 @ László Z. Bitó Conservatory Auditorium

02:30pm    Emily Thompson (Princeton University):  Sound Theory as Sound Practice           hi               with welcoming remarks by President Leon Botstein

04:00pm     Exhibition Opening and Reception @ Blum

04:15pm     Performance by Tristan Perich

05:00pm     Performance by Lesley Flanigan

05:30pm    Jonathan Sterne (McGill University): Audile Scarification: Notes on the hjihuhuhuhNormalization of Hearing Damage

Friday, April 8 @ Blum Hall

09:00am     Prelude

Georgian Polyphony Workshop with Carl Linich (Director of Bard Georgian Choir) [Jazz Room N211]

10:00am     Aurality

Chair: Alex Benson (Bard College)
Panelists: Amanda Weidman (Bryn Mawr College), Brian Hochman (Georgetown University), Tomie Hahn (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute), Julianne Swartz (Bard College) [Jazz Room N211]

11:30am     Interlude

Physics of Sound with Matthew Deady [Seminar Room N210]
Soundwalk with Todd Shalom [Start Outside of László Z. Bitó Conservatory Auditorium]

12:00pm     Lunch Break

01:00pm     Transmission

Chair: Danielle Riou (Bard College)
Panelists: Tom Porcello (Vassar College), Olga Touloumi (Bard College), Masha Godovannaya (Smolny College), Drew Thompson (Bard College) [Jazz Room N211]

02:30pm     Interlude
                                     Oral History Workshop with Suzanne Snider [Seminar Room N217]
                                     Soundwalk with Todd Shalom [Start Outside of  László Z. Bitó                                                                                                                        Conservatory Auditorium]

03:30pm     Resonance

Chair: Laura Kunreuther (Bard College)
Panelists: Marié Abe (Boston University), Emilio Distretti (Al-Quds), Erica Robles Anderson (NYU), David Suisman (University of Delaware), Maria Sonevytsky (Bard College)  [Jazz Room N211]

05:00pm     Deep Listening Workshop with Pauline Oliveros [Avery Integrated Arts                                                                                                                                           Room]

06:00pm     Closing Remarks

07:00pm     John Cage, “How to Get Started” hosted by The John Cage Trust
huiohuiohu[László Z. Bitó Conservatory Auditorium]