Literature Students – Wilton Moore Lockwood Prize

A prize awarded to students who have submitted particularly distinguished creative and critical writing in course work:

 2010 – Liza Birnbaum and Bridget Behrman
2011 – Alexander Thomas Cavell Batkin and Blake Zoe Grindon
2012 – Shaheen Qureshi (creative) and Christopher Richards (critical)
2013 – Keziah Weir (creative) and Benjamin DiFabbio (critical)
2014 – Undrea Martin, Jr. (creative) and Joshua Corner (critical)
2015 – Ariana Perez-Castells (creative) and Beatrice Abbott and Andras Ferencz (critical)
2016 – Rosa Schwartzburg (creative) and Austen Hinkley (critical)
2017 – Amelia Maggio (creative) and Jonathan Repetti (critical)
2018 – Geneva Zane (creative) and Alexandra Michaud (critical)