Undergraduate Requirements


Students majoring in Human Rights can moderate into the program alone, or in combination with another program (usually through a joint moderation) by fulfilling the other program’s requirements and the following HRP requirements.

Prior to or concurrent with moderation, students are required to take at least three of the core program courses, one additional course in Human Rights, and two courses in a traditional disciplinary program, in order to focus and anchor their approach to human rights.

Following moderation, students take at least three additional four-credit courses in Human Rights. At least one of these must be a 300-level course, so that students obtain a sense of the criticism and the methodology necessary for more advanced study. Students must also complete their disciplinary focus, taking two additional courses in the focal field prior to graduation, including one advanced seminar. The final requirement is completion of a Senior Project related to Human Rights, and in the case of joint majors, to the second field of study.

Students are strongly encouraged to undertake a summer internship, and to participate in Bard’s programs in Globalization and International Affairs, its exchange relationships with overseas institutions like Smolny College, and the International Human Rights Exchange summer course.

Moderation Requirements:

  1. HR core course
  2. HR core course
  3. HR core course
  4. HR elective course
  5. Course in the disciplinary focus program
  6. Course in the disciplinary focus program

Graduation Requirements:

  1. HR elective course
  2. HR elective course
  3. HR 300-level course
  4. Course in the disciplinary focus program
  5. Advanced seminar course in the disciplinary focus program
  6. Senior Project I




First Year Sophomore Year Junior Year Senior Year
  • HR core course
  • HR core course
  • focus pgm course
  • FYSEM I (fall)
  • FYSEM II (spring)
  • HR core course
  • HR elective course
  • focus pgm course
  • Moderation (spring)
  • HR elective course
  • HR 300-level course
  • focus pgm course
  • focus pgm seminar
  • HR elective course
  • Sr. Project I (fall)
  • Sr. Project II (spring)