Border Pedagogy Working Group


Borders are being transformed in this era of more restrictive law, heightened enforcement, and perpetual ‘border crises’. The US-Mexico border is constantly in the news, but outside of the conceptual frame of most of us. This group, made up of faculty and students from our Consortium on Forced Migration, Displacement and Education, is attempting to address this disconnect by developing curricular modules and strategies for bringing discussions of borders into the classroom.

We convened our first workshop in February, 2020, out of which came ideas for how we can expand our access to and understanding of a range of ways that schools, NGOs, and government agencies operate at the border.

Over the summer of 2020, our summer research group worked on compiling and evaluating information in three distinct areas that each involve ways of connecting the classroom to the border, in one way or another:

  1. Border-related field work & study abroad opportunities, which are available here: Field work & study abroad opportunities
  2. An plan for organizing existing migration and border-related syllabi into a web-based platform or website that can be easily navigated, which can be found here: Migration syllabus schematic
  3. An archive of  border encounter Youtube videos, along with teaching modules and suggested readings, which will be piloted in a handful of courses offered in Fall 2020, available here: List of border-related Youtube videos and related materials