Multiracial Student Union

Overview of Multiracial Student Union

The Multiracial Student Union is a space dedicated to fostering community, solidarity, awareness, and exploration of the complexities surrounding the multiracial identity. Oftentimes being multiracial leads to a sense of exclusion from racial categories or the erasure/ commodification of self in order to become part of one. We understand the multiracial identity to be a complete identity of shared multiculturalism as opposed to the common idea that being multiracial implies fragmentation. At the same time, examining each individual aspect of our racial makeup is crucial in the exploration of self. This club is meant to be a safe space of comfort for self-identifying multiracial students, where we can analyze the multiracial experience fully, without the simplification of the standard “What are you?” question. We aim to do so through open discussions, community projects, collaborations with other clubs, panels, the creation of art, film screenings, potlucks, and other events.

Club Officers

Eleanor Coronado-McDermott