Overview of AfroPulse

AfroPulse hopes to provide a forum through which African students, those of the African Diaspora, and all other interested students can come together to explore the continent in a multi-dimensional context.
Our goals include spreading awareness of the continent’s rich and diverse history and culture to the wider Bard community, as well as celebrating this culture through food, music, film, dance, and fashion. We also hope to educate on the contemporary issues faced by countries on the continent, and shed light on the place of Africa and its people in our world today through panel discussions, documentary/TED talk screenings, live speakers, and debates. Community service will be a priority in our agenda, and we hope to find practical ways to contribute back to communities across Africa. We will also attempt to reach out to the larger Hudson Valley community through community service activities that promote the continent, and by engaging with similar African student groups in surrounding colleges.

Club Officers

Marra Garcia
Alex Penn