Student Run Darkroom

Overview of Student Run Darkroom

This is the revival of the Student Run Darkroom, a darkroom space and club organized and ran by students independent of the photography program. The club was conceptualized by Bard alum Nicole Novak in 1998, and then organized by Bard alum Emily Steinfeld and Paolo Vidali in 2002, with the help of the former Dean of First-Year Students John Kelly. We hope to further their goal of bringing non-majors into contact with analogue photography. In this iteration, our focus is by nature and decision equity and inclusion. We'll be continuing with these goals as we strive to provide workshops and darkroom facilities for Bard students. We hope to cultivate a diverse and thriving community of photographers. In addition to developing a darkroom, we organize and host online lectures with Bard alumni, current students, as well as renown artists and photographers.

Club Officers

Maemae Denner-Kenny
Andy Garcia
Bella Garcia
Kira Hansen
Pierce Sapper
Rainer Turim