Teaching & Advising

Although most of CFCD’s work takes the form of workshops and discussions, we have archived a short collection of useful readings and handouts on topics related to course design and teaching. All of the books cited can be borrowed from CFCD or found in the library. Click below for more information on particular topics:

Advising & Moderation

Assignment, Syllabus, & Course Design

Working with Student Writers

Using Small Groups and Peer Review

Sample Rubrics

Advising Senior Projects

Managing the Classroom

Teaching Close Reading


Further Reading and Resources

The following books can be borrowed from CFCD or found in the library:

Bain, Ken. What the Best College Teachers Do. Harvard UP: Cambridge, 2004.

Bean, John. Engaging Ideas. (2nd Edition.) Jossey-Bass: San Francisco, 2011.

Booth, Colomb, and Williams, The Craft of Research, 3rd Ed. U Chicago Press: Chicago, 2008.

Gottschalk, Katherine and Keith Hjortshoj. The Elements of Teaching Writing. Bedford/St. Martins: Boston, 2004.

Mckeachie, Wilbert, et al. Teaching Tips: Strategies, Research, and Theory for College and University Teachers. DC Heath & Co: Lexington, 1994.

Roen, Duane, et al. Stretegies for Teaching First-Year Composition. Urbana: NCTE, 2002.

White, Edward. Assigning, Responding, Evaluating. (4th Ed.) Bedford/St. Martin’s: Boston, 2007.