Supporting Faculty Research

Bard College offers faculty several forms of research support. For internal grants, see the Dean of the College website link below. For additional internal support, review individual program and institutional opportunities, including the Experimental Humanities concentration and the Center for Civic Engagement. Bard also supports two grants officers, one for individual research, the other for institutional grants. Information provided below.

Individual Faculty Grants:

Faculty Grants Officer Sue Elvin-Cooper provides a comprehensive advisory and consultative service for undergraduate faculty in their quest for grants to support individual projects as varied as curricular innovations, academic research, specialist conferences and workshops, public programs, and other professional work. Members of faculty are encouraged to contact Sue before applying for any grant. She offers support throughout the whole grant life cycle that comprises the following main steps: finding funding prospects, gaining the appropriate institutional approvals to apply, creating and submitting an application, and managing a grant once it has been awarded. She tailors support according to the needs of the individual member of faculty, his or her project, and the grant opportunity itself. Typical examples are a training workshop on a funding program, the creation of information modules and templates, budget creation advice, copy-editing support, the provision of institutional materials, contract analysis and negotiation, and a review of terms and conditions prior to accepting an award. She is also responsible for ensuring that all the appropriate documentation is forwarded to Bard College’s Office of Institutional Support, which centrally monitors all grants, and that grant documentation is created and stored to satisfy the requirements of Bard College’s auditors. Sue’s email is <>.

Institutional Support (Internal):

A set of resources and guidelines related to institutional funding sources can be found on the Research and Development page of the Dean of the College Website.

Institutional Support (External):

Karen Unger, in the Development Office, oversees external institutional grant support. Karen’s email is <>.