CFCD Fellows

Laura Kunreuther

Laura Kunreuther is the senior CFCD fellow for Spring 2018/Fall 2018.  She is working to enhance support for faculty research and artistic programs from within Bard’s campus, by helping facilitate faculty reading or writing groups, organizing forum for faculty to discuss publishing, helping faculty think of new ways to connect their research or artistic practice to their courses, and helping to think of ways to engage students in faculty’s own projects.  She can be consulted on a regular basis in the Common Room on Fridays from 1 – 3pm or email her to set up another time for lunch or conversation. 


Dominique Townsend

Dominique Townsend, Assistant Professor of Buddhist Studies in the Religion Program, is the junior CFCD faculty fellow for Fall 2018/Spring 2019. Dominique is focused on helping junior faculty to maintain their writing practice during the semester. She will also seek to support the CIE’s efforts to help faculty integrate inclusive pedagogy in the classroom, and in the spring she will generate resources and plan a workshop for junior faculty interested in writing for a public audience. Dominique is available in the Common Room Friday afternoons from 1-3, and by appointment.