Archive of Faculty Resources

Collected here are resources from elsewhere on the site and beyond.

Getting Settled:

New Faculty Survival Guide

Moodle Instructions


Advising and Moderation:

Bard College Academic Requirements

Faculty Guide to Academic Advising

Multicultural Advising in an Increasingly Diverse Academic World

12 Tips for Good Advising

Faculty Guide to Senior Projects

Moderation Instructions

Sample Moderation Report

Tips for Midterm Crite Sheets

Sample Lit Midterm 1

Sample Lit Midterm 2

Sample Crite Sheet


Assignment, Syllabus, & Course Design:

Thoughts on Assignment Design

Designing Your Syllabus

Syllabus Template

Sample Syllabus – 200 Level Biology

Sample Syllabus – 100 level Psychology

Sample Syllabus – 200 Level Philosophy

Sample Syllabus – 200 Level Film

Sample Syllabus – Art History

Sample Syllabus – 200 Level Literature Sequence

Sample Syllabus – 300 Level Literature Seminar

Sample Syllabus – 200 Level Literature

Sample Syllabus – 300 Level Literature

Sample Syllabus – 400 Level Chemistry

Sample Syllabus – 100 Level Chemistry


Working With Student Writers:

Responding to Student Writers

Nine Ways to Devote a Class to Writing

Bringing Writing into the Classroom

Johnson, Alex – Having a Bad Morning

Gaipa, Mark – Breaking Into the Conversation

Commenting Effectively on Student Writing

Evaluation of Academic Writing

Guy, Alfred – Effective Draft Comments

Revision Strategies of Student Writers

Reverse Outline

Writing Research Papers

Nancy Sommers 


Small Groups and Peer Review:

Sample Peer Review Criteria

Peer Review Instructions

Peer Review of Primary Literature Style Papers



Reading Value Rubric

Rubric for Analytical Response Paper to a Research Article

Holistic Rubric

Hampshire Rubric

AUCA – FYS Persuasive Analytic Essay Rubric

Rubric for Visual Analysis Paper 

Class Participation Rubric

Sample Grading Rubric


Classroom Dynamic(s):

Creating Inclusive College Classrooms

Difficult Dialogues

Managing Hot Moments in the Classroom

Eight Actions to Reduce Racism in the Classroom

Pronoun FAQ


Close Reading:

Close Reading Instructions

Reading Poetry Worksheet

Reading Response Guidelines

“how to” guide



Liberal Arts and Science Education

Bartholomae, David – Inventing the University

Booth, Wayne – From Topics to Questions

BHSEC Academic Integrity