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Summer 2010 – Miriam Natis

Chancellor Livingston Grand Lodge

This summer I worked for the Masonic Library and Museum in the Grand Lodge of New York.  It was an interesting experience, working for a not-so-secret secret organization, especially because I couldn’t know some things and wasn’t supposed to know others.  Despite being a touch surreal, it was definitely worthwhile.  I spent my summer in a temperature controlled room where they house the books and artifacts, doing inventory.  I handled artifacts dating from c. 400 CE to the present, and only cracked the surface of all that needed to be inventoried.  I worked for Catherine Walker, the curator of the museum part of the library, who previously worked at the Natural History Museum, and if I’ve learned only one thing this summer, it’s the importance of gloves.

Last summer I worked for Fly 16×9, a digital fashion art magazine.  It was a very small production, sharing an office with other companies in an intimate environment.  I spent my time photoshopping models, such as the above, and doing research on the Internet.  I also gave my input on videos and interviews they had done.  It was a much more hands on experience with the current art world, and gave me a good understanding of what goes on behind the scenes of popular media.