Posted on October 12th, 2010

Student News

Summer 2010- Karen Johnson

Napa Gallery

This year, I spent my second summer working at the Quent Cordair Fine Art gallery in Napa, California. The gallery exhibits work in a variety of mediums, all falling within the genre of romantic realism.  My duties were pretty varied.  While I was hired as an art salesperson, I also did a lot of work in marketing, web design, and organization.  I learned about the safest ways to clean paintings and bronze or bonded sand statues.  I was in contact with the wineries, hotels and transportation companies in the Napa valley, working to make the gallery a number one destination for tourists and wine industry events.  I worked at weekly wine pourings and organized a variety of social networking sites to contact potential patrons and learned a great deal about business communications, as well as marketing art to individuals and corporations.