Literature Students – Wilton Moore Lockwood Prize

A prize awarded to students who have submitted particularly distinguished creative and critical writing in course work:

 2010 – Liza Birnbaum and Bridget Behrman
2011 – Alexander Thomas Cavell Batkin and Blake Zoe Grindon
2012 – Shaheen Qureshi (creative) and Christopher Richards (critical)
2013 – Keziah Weir (creative) and Benjamin DiFabbio (critical)
2014 – Undrea Martin, Jr. (creative) and Joshua Corner (critical)
2015 – Ariana Perez-Castells (creative) and Beatrice Abbott and Andras Ferencz (critical)
2016 – Rosa Schwartzburg (creative) and Austen Hinkley (critical)
2017 – Amelia Maggio (creative) and Jonathan Repetti (critical)

Literature Faculty Activities and Accomplishments

“The Order of Lenin: ‘Find Some Truly Hard People’,” by Jonathan Brent, was published by The New York Times in May 2017.

Peter Filkins published a review of Simon Armitage’s new verse version of the 14th-century Middle English poem Pearl in the April 2017 issue of The New Criterion.

In April 2017, Elizabeth Holt delivered the annual Farouk Mustafa Memorial Lecture in Modern Arabic Literature at the University of Chicago, entitled “Suspicious Readers: Cultural Cold War in the Arabic Press.”

“A Poem Is a Human Artifact: Camille Guthrie in Conversation with Ann Lauterbach,” was published in the Boston Review in April 2017. Recent publications by Lauterbach include: “A Poem is a Human Artifact,” in The Boston Review, April 2017, and “On Tears,” in The Topography of Tears by Rose-Lynn Fisher, published by Belleview Literary Press in May 2017.

In March 2017, Joseph Luzzi gave a lecture entitled, “From Twain to Toni Morrison: A Literary Journey through America,” as part of the Lowell Lecture Series at the Boston Public Library. Luzzi was awarded a Fall 2017 Wallace Fellowship at Villa I Tatti, Harvard’s Center for Renaissance Studies in Florence, Italy, to work on his next book project, “Dante’s ‘Divine Comedy’: A Biography.”

Recent publications by Daniel Mendelsohn include: “A Father’s Final Odyssey,” published in the April 2017 issue of The New Yorker, and “Robert B. Silvers (1929-2017),” published in the April 2017 issue of The New York Review of Books.

Restless Secularism: Modernism and the Religious Inheritance, by Matthew Mutter, was published by Yale University Press in May 2017.

“‘The Dead Man Come to Life Again’: Edward Albert and the Strategies of Black Endurance,” by Natalie Prizel, was published in Victorian Literature and Culture 45.2.

“Forget protest. Trump’s actions warrant a general national strike,” by Francine Prose, appeared in The Guardian in January 2017.

In March 2017, Dina Ramadan presented her paper, “Remapping the Mediterranean: Cosmopolitanism, Third Worldism, and the Alexandria Biennale,” at the Art, Institutions, and Internationalism: 1933-1966 conference at the Graduate Center, CUNY, and she was invited to “Writing/Curating the Middle East,” at Yale University, where she spoke about “The Science of Art: Knowledge Production and Artistic Practices in Early 20th Century Egypt.” In April 2017, she gave a talk at Princeton University, “In Defense of a Ministry: The Ikhwanization of Culture and the Threat to Egyptian Identity.” Her article, “The Straw that Broke the Camel’s Back,” was published in Middle East Research and Information Project, 280.

In March 2017, Justus Rosenberg was awarded the Legion of Honor from the French Government during a ceremony at the French Consulate in New York City.