Gallery Modern Appropriation of Medieval Aesthetics in dialogue.

milkshake1 milkshake2 milkshake3While browsing the internet today I realized that there are many memes which could be considered medievalisms. In this specific instance I was looking at a series of manuscript-esk images which spell out the lyrics to the popular 2003 song ‘Milkshake’ by Kelis Rogers. The meme itself echoes the lyrics to Kelis’ song with changes to specific lyrics which make them appear ‘medieval’. This switching of contexts is not so much a reimagining of the past, so much as it is a appropriationĀ of an ancient aesthetic style. This drastic switching of contexts outlines the lyrics inherent ridiculousness while simultaneously inserting modern culture into the medieval period. Personally, I lost it at ‘verily’.

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  1. Love this! See also Geoffrey Chaucer Hath a Blog – this link will take you to his 2007 post “I CAN HATH CHEEZBURGER?” which is, as you can imagine, a collection of Chaucer/academic memes. The sidebar includes great links to actual academic sites about Chaucer as well as the academic book (!) that came out with the bloggers best-of posts and articles by medievalists who work on the relationship between past and present. It’s in the library, if you’re interested!