Using PowerPoint for your presentations?

Here’s a list of PowerPoint Presentation Best Practices…

  • Use no more than 3 colors per slide and use highly contrasting colors to emphasize content.
  • Limit yourself to 2 font types throughout your presentation (although limiting it to one is better).
  • Use only 3 fonts sizes per slide (including headings).
  • Restrict yourself to approximately 10 lines of text per slide in addition to the heading.
  • Keep font sizes large – 25pt to 30pt at minimum depending on the font style you use.
  • Do not put all your information on each slide. Save that for the speaking part of your presentation.
  • Also do not just read lines from your slides. Elaborate on the points covered on each slide.
  • Use animation sparingly. It is good for having content appear as you present, but do not have content flying in from all directions.

Need more help with PowerPoint? Contact Reference Librarian Jeremy Hall at x7675 or

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