Printing/Copying/Scanning Update

We’ve implemented new printing and copying procedures in the library, the 24 hour lab at New Henderson, and, soon, at the Campus Center lab and the Henderson PC classroom (101A at Old Henderson). Now, when you send a print job from one of  the public computers in these buildings, you can release it with a swipe of your Bard ID to any of the Canon printers in those locations.

To print from your laptop, download the  appropriate driver found under Bard Print heading  at BITS Software & Tools.

When you print, you’ll notice a declining balance reported on the screen when you swipe your card. This declining balance represents a non-cash value subsidy for printing and copying that we provide each student each semester, kind of like the Bard Bucks account you may have as part of the meal plan.

The balance at the beginning of each semester is set at $37.50 and will decline each time you make a print or copy or scan according to the following rates:

single-sided prints/copies — 4 cents each
double-sided prints/copies — 7 cents each
scans — 1/2 cent each

In other words, you could make 937 single-sided prints/copies, or 1,070 double-sided prints/copies, or make 7,500 scans that you can send to your computer, in whatever combination you choose. And every semester, you get a new beginning balance. [But because there is no cash value to the subsidy, any remaining amount does not carry over—again, just like Bard Bucks.]

Our study of student printing usage in the last three semesters suggests that the subsidy should more than sufficient to cover typical printing and copying volume, although it is not intended to cover all costs in all semesters. So, what happens if you run out of subsidized copies on your card? You will need to add value to a FLEXprint account at the Student Accounts Office by cash or check. According to the rates above, then, $10 will get you an additional 200 copies. The Student Accounts Office, open Monday-Friday,9-5, is located on the first floor of the red B&G building directly in front of the Reem-Kayden Science Center.

We look forward to further conservation gains and to introducing color printing and laptop-enabled printing in the coming months.

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