Apr 092014

Peer Mentor and Activities Coordinator, Bard English Summer Language Intensive (BESI) 2014

Bard English Summer Language Intensive (BESLI) is a 4-week intensive course for Smolny College students in academic English that stresses reading and writing. The goal of the program is to prepare Smolny students for enrollment in academic courses taught in English. Some BESLI students will take a specialized English language course, others will be integrated into Language & Thinking classes with incoming Bard students. It is important that BESLI students interact with Bard students both academically and socially in order to successfully learn the English language. Cultural excursions are also a large part of the BESLI program. The Institute for International Liberal Education (IILE) and Center for Civic Engagement (CCE) are seeking Peer Mentors and Activities Coordinators to help facilitate the program and provide educational and logistical support to the program and its participants.

Job Description

Peer mentors and activities coordinators have the following responsibilities:

  • ·Organize and participate in excursions
  • ·Help BESLI students with homework and provide assistance and information regarding campus life.
  • ·Collaborate with other students and departments to create a comfortable and friendly environment for BESLI students
  • ·Facilitate cross-cultural communication
  • ·Foster English language development skills

Evening and weekend hours are required. In addition to the above responsibilities, Peer mentors must be a Bard driver (or willing to become one before the start of the program), must be comfortable driving Bard vans on highways, and must have a clean driving record. We are looking for students who are well organized, detail-oriented, comfortable with Bard resources, friendly, outgoing, and willing and able to encourage students to engage with each other.


The program begins on July 31st and ends on August 29th. Peer mentors and activities coordinators should expect to begin work Monday, July 28th in order to help prepare for the start of the program, although there may be opportunities for additional work earlier in the summer.


BESLI Peer Mentors and Activities Coordinators will receive a $1,500 stipend in payment for their services. In addition, they will receive accommodations in Bard dormitories and limited board for free from their start date to the end of the program.

Students are also encouraged to apply for additional funding through the CCE’s Community Action Awards, which provides financial support for Bard student internships and other projects. Applications for the awards are due by March 31 or April 28 and more information can be found at: http://www.bard.edu/civicengagement/internships/

Application Requirements

Please submit the following materials to besli@bard.edu:

  • ·a cover letter illustrating your interest in the position and what skills and ideas you think you will bring as a peer mentor.
  • ·a resume with references
  • ·a letter of recommendation from a faculty or staff  member.
Apr 092014

[Summer] CCE Summer Engagement Interns

The Center for Civic Engagement is seeking summer interns to assist in ongoing projects, summer programs and planning for the fall.  Applicants should be prepared to work administratively and hands-on in volunteer and teaching environments.
Applicants will receive a stipend for their work, and can apply for summer housing if needed. There are two open positions, one for June-July, the other for July-August. Interns will be expected to work about 30 hours a week, allowing for some relaxation, a local part-time job, research or other activities. Interns are also expected to be available on all weekdays during their selected two months.
Current Freshmen and Sophomores are encouraged to apply. Applicants should send a cover letter and resume to Jono Naito at jnaito@bard.edu by April 20th. Cover letter should identify what months are preferred. If possible, submit a reference or recommendation from a previous Bard supervisor.
[Fall] CCE Engagement Interns

The Center for Civic Engagement is looking for highly motivated students to fill the positions of CCE Engagement Interns. Applicants should thrive in a fast paced work environment and be prepared to focus on multiple short and long term projects. Projects areas include:

  • scheduling
  • event support and planning
  • advertising
  • press release and grant writing
  • financial and transportation planning
  • involvement in ongoing activities and events

Applicants should have experience in at least one of the above areas, as interns will be taught necessary skills throughout the year as desired. Ideally, interns must be efficient, creative, and organized students who will become the operating force behind student involvement at the CCE.

The CCE Office Intern position is a full-time student job, consistently filling 6-8 hours a week during the office hours of the CCE. The CCE is hiring for fall, and interns will have priority for rehiring in the spring. Current Freshmen and Sophomores are encouraged to apply. Applicants should send a cover letter and resume to Jono Naito at jnaito@bard.edu by April 20th.

[Summer/Fall] Citizen Science Engagement Fellows
Fellows will begin working with the Associate Director for Bard Center for Civic Engagement remotely in the summer. During the fall semester, Fellows coordinate programs for first-years and plan the January collaborations with six local school districts. Programs range from elementary to middle school science education workshops to the development and implementation of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Engagement. Four fellows will be hired, drawing from science and non-science backgrounds. We encourage applications from students of all academic divisions. 

Fellows dedicate approximately 10 hours in the summer to research science oriented programs for grades K-8.

Fall Semester
Fellows will participate in a 4-hour training orienting them to the academic and co-curricular program.

Job Description:
• Act as support staff for fall initiatives, including first-year residence hall programs focused on both science and general informational sessions
• Coordinate programs with off-campus volunteer agencies and schools to create co-curricular opportunities for all first-year students including lesson plans and implementation (transportation, ordering materials, coordinating activities, creating a calendar, etc.)
• Create promotional materials announcing the co-curricular programs to the first-year class (brochures, websites, postcards, facebook pages, twitter or blogs)
• Organize sign-ups for the various co-curricular programs in the fall semester

January Term
• Implement science oriented, co-curricular programs designed during the fall term
• Document activities and events through photography, articles and film
• Liaise with agencies to implement events and programs

Successful candidates will be able to demonstrate engagement in the co-curricular program at the college, an interest in civic engagement and social justice as well as excellent academic, organizational and leadership skills.

1. Resume plus 1-page summary outlining areas of interest in civic engagement or science education.
2. Names and contact information of two references. One reference must be from Bard.

To apply, send materials to Jono Naito at jnaito@bard.edu (845-758-4792)

Apr 082014




Summer Internships Available

For more information regarding these or other internships go to http://www.collegecentral.com/bard/.  All internships listed here are eligible for Community Action Awards.  For more information on possible summer internship funding go to http://www.bard.edu/civicengagement/communityaction/.

US Foreign Policy Institute Summer Fellow

The Center for Civic Engagement is seeking two Bard students/recent graduates to work this summer as a US Foreign Policy Fellow.  The position is funded through the Bard College/State Department Institute entitled: Grand Strategy in Context: Institutions, People and the Making of US Foreign Policy.  Fellows will support a multi-national group of university-level scholars selected to participate in the 44-day study tour (June 21-August 3) designed to foster a better understanding of how U.S. foreign policy is formulated, implemented and effectively taught.

Bard Early Colleges Summer Policy Intern

The Policy Intern will help Bard’s early college team with policy and advocacy work. This will include conducting policy research, identifying and reaching out to important political stakeholders, attending meetings, and preparing policy documents. The policy intern may be asked to assist with planning for the opening of Bard High School Early College Cleveland, especially with communications and student recruitment.  

Bard in Los Angeles Internships

Bard College operates a Master of Arts in Teaching program on our campus at Heart of Los Angeles (HOLA), a multi-faceted community collaborative addressing enduring cycles of poverty in Central LA by building meaningful relationships and introducing young people to the arts, sciences and humanities.  Bard and HOLA seek self-directed and vision-oriented interns who can recognize the value of liberal arts education in diverse settings, work well with young people and community partners, and develop ideas or programs aligned with the values of Bard College and Heart of Los Angeles. Internships include:

HOLA Farming, Food and Education Internship

HOLA College-Readiness Tutor/Mentor Program Intern

HOLA Summer Science Program Intern

Bard Writing Program Interns

Bard-HOLA Theater, Arts, Sports Outreach

Summer Program Intern

Community Photography Project Intern (Fotokids)

Bard in Los Angeles Civic Engagement Intern

Bard Center for Civic Engagement/Manor Gatehouse/civic@bard.edu/845-758-7453


Apr 082014


The Bard Theater and Performance Program and Center for Civic Engagement present

Two-week long summer workshop in 

socially engaged performance

Wednesday, May 21, 2014 — Saturday, May 31, 2014

Fisher Center

Bard imageJoin Dutch performer Adelheid Roosen for a two-week long summer workshop in socially engaged art-making, co-organized by the Theater & Performance Program and Center for Civic Engagement on May 21-23 and May 27-31. Underwritten by the Theater & Performance program and Dutch Government, the workshop is free. 12 slots are available. No experience necessary. Housing may be available for a small fee for students without off-campus accommodation.


Participants will need to be available for daytime and evening work sessions on all listed dates, and will be collaborating with the City of Hudson’s new Americorps volunteers. Together, students and Hudson Americorps volunteers will research and develop a series of socially engaged performances culminating in a presentation on May 31.

Students with particular interests in Theater & Performance, Human Rights, Sociology, Anthropology, Studio Arts, and EUS should consider applying.

Adelheid Roosen is a leading Dutch theater-maker and performer. For the past decade her work has primarily focused on socially engaged and participatory modes of theater, particularly in relation to the immigrant Muslim communities of the Netherlands. In highly acclaimed productions such as Is.Man, The Veiled Monologues, and the large-scale WijkSafari she has explored the intersection of theater and social justice, and she has been invited to lecture and perform at many of the world’s leading cultural centers and arts festivals.

To apply, please send a resume and cover letter stating your reasons for wishing to participate to Bob Bangiola, rbangiola@bard.edu by
Monday April 14.


For more information: contact Bob Bangiola at 845-758-7957, or e-mail rbangiola@bard.edu.


Feb 262014
The application period is from 2/18-4/11. The internships run from June 2nd to Aug. 8 th .
The Bureau of Environmental Planning and Analysis (BEPA) is responsible for providing expertise and guidance on policy, planning and environmental reviews related to DEP’s Strategic Plan, Capital Program and other City initiatives. BEPA coordinates policy issues at the federal, state and local levels focusing on stormwater management, demand management and water conservation, water quality, air quality and water resource protections.​
Position 1
The selected candidate will assist Project Managers and Directors with various GIS, land use analyses, and stormwater-related research to support DEP’s Stormwater Management Plan Development for NYC’s Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4). Tasks may include: assisting with MS4 drainage mapping; determining pollutant specific land use coefficients and pollutant removal efficiencies for different stormwater management practices; determining protocols for identifying and inventorying unpermitted industrial and commercial facilities; assisting in the development of reporting templates and MS4 permit tracking system framework. Separately, supporting the Director of Climate and Water Quality, the candidate would help devise a GIS-based tracking system to monitor the progress of the NYC Wastewater Resiliency Plan as it relates to DEP infrastructure improvements. This is a paid position.

- Student must currently be enrolled at a college/university at the undergraduate level majoring in civil or environmental engineering. – Student must have at least a 2.5GPA (on a 4.0 scale) – Student must have at least a junior class standing Preferred Skills: Coursework in Water Resources (Hydrology, Open Channel Flow, and Groundwater) and Geotechnical (Soil Properties & Testing) preferred. Proficient in ArcGIS. Selection Criteria: Strong writing skills; effective interpersonal skills; proficient in the full Microsoft Office suite of applications; leadership skills; self-motivation; and ability to work well with minimal supervision. Experience with stormwater management planning, policy and/or stormwater permitting preferred.

Position 2
The selected candidate will assist Project Managers and Directors with policy analysis, program development and stormwater-related research to support DEP’s Stormwater Management Plan Development for NYC’s Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4). The candidate will also be expected to support the development of the Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) Stormwater Management Plan Program. Tasks may include: research of a banking and credit system for offsite alternative stormwater management; researching best practices for stormwater and green infrastructure rules and incenvites in other MS4 municipalities; assisting in the development of public education and outreach strategies; assisting in the the development of an Annual Effectiveness Assessment that evaluates: (a) the appropriateness of significant BMPs; (b) the effectiveness of implementation of each major component of the Stormwater Management Program. This is a paid position.

- Student must currently be enrolled at a college/university at the graduate level majoring in urban planning, city and regional planning, environmental science, or geography. – Student must have at least a 2.5GPA (on a 4.0 scale) Preferred skills: ArcGIS experience. Selection Criteria: Strong writing and analytical skills; effective interpersonal skills; experience with computers/software (Excel, Powerpoint, Access); leadership skills; self-motivation; and ability to work well with minimal supervision; experience with stormwater management planning, policy and/or stormwater permitting.
Feb 062014


Our non-profit grassroots organization working for justice for immigrants and working-class people of color – the Long Island Civic Engagement Table (LICET) – is seeking interns for the fall, spring, or summer. Interns will work with LICET on its 2014 non-partisan voter mobilization and community organizing efforts across Long Island: from grassroots voter engagement, to helping coordinate the local piece comprehensive immigration reform. LICET is a small, multi-faceted organization with a broad portfolio of work in Nassau and Suffolk Counties; this position requires flexibility, a positive attitude, and a passion for our work. You will be rewarded with the opportunity to plan and execute a broad variety of projects, empowering thousands and earning media coverage across the island. Tasks will be catered to each intern’s skill set and personal goals.


  • Supporting issue-based campaigns for justice for immigrants and working-class people of color (for instance, to ensure language access services in government offices and push back against the “Secure Communities” program)
    •  Electoral organizing, including voter registration and Get Out the Vote
  •  Data analysis to plan for, implement, and analyze the impact of, electoral organizing efforts
    •  Online organizing to expand LICET’s universe of online supporters
    • Materials production, including design; report and press release writing

We’re looking for students who are available part- or full-time for at least ten weeks this summer. All students are encouraged to apply. Preference will be given to applicants with experience living and/or working in African-American, Latino, or immigrant communities; a strong belief in – and desire to learn about – community organizing; and proficiency in Spanish. Please note that, for students living in New York City, our office is reachable by the Long Island Railroad – no car necessary.

Internships are unpaid. We are happy to fill out necessary paperwork for interns who qualify for work-study compensation or on-campus funding for public service work. We also take seriously our role fostering student growth and are committed to providing professional guidance for interns interested in finding ongoing work in progressive organizing and/or advocacy.

To apply, please submit a cover letter, resume, and at least three design samples via email to <steve.mcfarland@maketheroadny.org>.

To learn more about LICET, please visit: www.licivicengagement.org.

Feb 062014


ITSA International is excited to announce that we are now accepting applications for our Summer 2014 International Internship Program!

Independent Thought & Social Action International (ITSA) is an education reform organization that creates socially responsible youth leaders through critical thinking and community-based projects. We lead summer workshop series for high school students intended at honing critical thinking skills by encouraging debate and discussion on contemporary social issues, as well as participating directly in social action projects around the world. We match our intellectual/debate-oriented component with an emphasis on direct involvement in local communities; our workshop participants receive support towards applying the lessons they learn in the workshops and their own vision of social action through youth-led projects of their own design.

For the past three summers, ITSA interns recruited from US colleges have traveled to India as part of our International Internship Program to staff and play a key role in leading and designing our workshops. As the interns lead these workshops, they experience personal growth and refine their own critical thinking, social action and leadership skills.

Program Dates: June 17th, 2014 – August 11th, 2014 (8 weeks)

Application Deadline: February 21, 2014

We are hoping you will support our message of leadership informed by critical thinking and social action by forwarding the attached information to students who may be interested in ITSA’s work. For more information about ITSA and our summer internship, please go to www. ITSAinternational.org or e-mail intern@ ITSAinternational.org .

Nov 252013


Applied research externship placements with Astor Services for Children & Families are open, for both the 2014 Spring Semester and the 2014 summer break, to matriculated undergraduate Psychology majors and those pursuing majors related to Psychology.  Placements are “for credit” or volunteer placements only.  Credit hours may vary according to need, but students are encouraged to commit to the entire Spring 2014 semester or either 4 to 5 days a week during the summer break for a comprehensive learning experience.

The practicum’s emphasis is on the conduct of real-world, public sector research in a multi-service, multi-site child and adolescent behavioral health agency.  Students are given the opportunity to work on bridging the “research to practice gap” while conducting psychological and program evaluation research within the limits of the public sector. Dr. Button, a licensed clinical psychologist, is responsible for the conduct of research and program evaluation and for the implementation of evidence based practice across the agency, and students support and participate in these initiatives under Dr. Button’s supervision.

Over the course of the practicum (which began in 1998), students have participated in and/or conducted diverse applied research projects, including the following studies:

  • the impact of residential care on adaptive behavior skills,

  • family involvement and its impact on child relational skills,

  • the relation between trauma history and capacity to benefit from treatment,

  • implementation of outcomes measurement with the Child-Adolescent Needs & Strengths-Mental Health version (Lyons, 2003),

  • analysis and interpretation of consumer satisfaction interviews,

  • long term changes in academic achievement relative to IQ following inpatient care,

  • relation of staffing variables to the use of therapeutic holds in residential care,

  • the impact of residential treatment on high risk behaviors and more restrictive psychiatric placement,

  • the impact of strengths-based assessment on family treatment compliance,

  • the relation between the prescription of pediatric psychotropic medication and outcomes in children and youth.

Students participate in regularly scheduled research team meetings, where they present applied treatment literature reviews, formulate and seek critical feedback on research design and on work in progress, receive and provide statistical consultation, and prepare papers and presentations.

The placement has, historically, been seen as a strong learning experience by students and perceived as an important placement in the eyes of future employers and graduate programs. Students have gone on to gain admission to graduate programs in clinical psychology (including Case Western Reserve University, University of Pennsylvania, and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), social work (including Fordham University and SUNY Albany), and art therapy (including Lesley University).  Two students have gone on to full-time employment as Quality Improvement Coordinators in a behavioral health agency, and one to a full-time statistical consultant’s position in a major pharmaceutical company. Practicum students have presented their work at the Eastern Psychological Association’s national meeting, the annual CANS Conference at Northwestern University, the American Psychological Association’s national conference, and the National Conference in Pediatric Psychology.

Interested candidates should send a resume and cover letter to:
Katie Hoople
Research Coordinator, Quality & Clinical Outcomes
Astor Services for Children & Families
6339 Mill Street
Rhinebeck, New York 12572

Nov 252013

The American Red Cross is currently looking for someone to fill an opening in the AmeriCorps program in our Mid-Hudson Valley region.  They are looking specifically for an AmeriCorps State Member and need to fill the position as soon as possible.

Chapter HQ/Community-based/Telecommuter/On location during disasters above Level I

Position Title
AmeriCorps State Member

AmeriCorps is a National Service movement with roots in the Peace Corps and the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC). AmeriCorps provides thousands of Americans of all ages and backgrounds with an opportunity to address pressing community needs by completing a year of service. In exchange for their service, AmeriCorps members receive a small living allowance and an education award.

Primary Purpose
To provide disaster preparedness education to the community through delivering presentations and active recruitment and training of volunteers.

Dual Role/ Disaster Purpose
To assist in the development and marketing of the disaster preparedness programs through collaboration with the Regional Preparedness Associate.

Key Responsibilities (list all)
* Willingness to support Red Cross Mission and Fundamental Principles
* Delivering disaster preparedness presentations to the community
* Recruiting volunteers to deliver disaster preparedness presentations
* Training volunteers and serving as a resource for them so that they can successfully fulfill their responsibilities
* Providing mentorship to the Preparedness Intern Team.
* Collaborating with the Regional Preparedness Associate and the Preparedness Intern Team to further develop and market preparedness programs

Key Relationships (list all)
* Will keep a line of communication open with current volunteers and will actively try to establish relationships with prospective volunteers.
* Will look to create relationships in the community so that members know what disaster preparedness services are offered.
* Will collaborate with the Regional Preparedness Associate and the Preparedness Intern Team to accomplish team objectives.

Key Qualifications (list)
* Excellent verbal and oral skills, ability to organize, prioritize, work independently, meet deadlines, and exercise good judgment
* Ability to interact (internally & externally) with staff, volunteers and community contacts
* Interest in prevention and/or preparedness.
* Driver’s License

Training Needed
* New Employee and Volunteer Orientation (NEVO)
* Disaster Preparedness Training Seminar

Appointed by
Julie Parlato – Regional Preparedness Associate
Reports to or Partners with American Red Cross of Mid-Hudson Valley

Length of Appointment
One month/Three months/Six months/Twelve months

Time Commitment
37.5+  hours per day/week/month/year

Development Opportunities
* Leadership Development – Provide leadership to a cadre of volunteer recruitment specialists
* Community Development – Connect volunteers to meaningful Red Cross duties and positions
* Career Development – Various Red Cross training,  certification and skill opportunities
* Communication Skills/Public Speaking

Visit http://www.nationalservice.gov/programs/americorps, or contact Julie.parlato@redcross.org for more information.