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The Fourth Annual Smolny Student Conference

Science and Technology through the Prism of Humanities

Faculty of Liberal Arts & Sciences, Saint-Petersburg State University

April 17-18, 2015

On April 17-18, 2015 our Faculty will hold the Fourth Annual Student Conference entitled Science and Technology through the Prism of Humanities. We cordially invite your BA and graduate students, as well as junior scholars (under 35 years old), to participate.

The program of the Conference will consist of different sessions, roundtables, and also of creative projects, such as video presentations, photo galleries, and musical performance. As in previous years, the Conference will introduce participants from various universities from around the world.

We hope that our Conference will attract distinguished students and scholars, not yet having received a PhD, specializing in the wide-ranging fields of the sciences and humanities. Applications are accepted from different disciplines, which are related to the educational spectrum. These include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • BA majors

Art History; History and Culture of Islam; History of Civilizations; Cinema and Video; Cognitive Sciences; Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence; Literature; International Relations, Political Sciences and Human Rights; Music and Theater; Life Sciences; Complex Systems; Sociology and Anthropology; Philosophy; Economy

  • BA minors

American Studies; Gender Studies; Religious Studies; French Studies; Human Rights; Russian, Soviet, and Post-Soviet Studies

  • Master’s Programs

Art Criticism; Cognitive Studies; Intercultural Education; Music Criticism; Complex Systems in Nature and Society; Social Communications

We plan to select 100 participants who would be invited to participate in the conference with presentations and artistic projects. Participation requires the selected speaker to by physically present, no poster papers will be accepted.

The abstracts of all the selected participants will be published in electronic format on the web-site of our Faculty by the beginning of the Conference. Abstracts and papers selected for recognition will be included in a printed collection, which will be released for the next conference in a year. In order to take part in the Fourth Smolny Conference, applications must be sent to by December 22. The application consists of the abstract or the description of the creative project of 450-500 words in ‘doc’ format, ‘Times New Roman’, 12 font, single space. The selection criteria include the ability of the author to express his/her thesis and research questions clearly and comprehensibly; not descriptive but analytical in the outlining of tasks and perspective results. Those who would like to present a creative project should send it to the above address in full or in fragments, in addition to the description of the project. For example, you can send us a video recording, photos, or a piece of music.

The working languages of the conference are English and Russian; we ask Russian-speaking participants to send applications in Russian.

The Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences offers a limited number of grants for representatives from Russian and foreign universities. These grants will be provided on a competitive basis. These include:

  • a compensation of travel and accommodation (5 grants)
  • compensation of accommodation (10 grants)

Additional limited funding may be available from the Center for Civic Engagement.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email Bryan Biilings:

We look forward to your participation,

Yours Sincerely,

The Junior Scholars Council,

Faculty of Liberal Arts & Sciences,

St. Petersburg State University

Download the applicationĀ here.

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