Oct 202014

On Thursday (23rd October), Keith Reeves, Associate Professor of Political Science at Swarthmore College, will be presenting a paper: “Ain’t Scared of Your Jails: How Black Male Incarceration is Undermining the Gains of Civil Rights” This talk is the second of a series this semester on the Legacy of the Civil Rights Movement. It will be followed in the evening by a panel discussion of mass incarceration. I hope that you will be able to join us – and that you can publicize this with your students. The talk will be taken from a chapter in Reeves’s forthcoming book, The Declining Significance of Black … Read More

Sep 252014

Life takes grit. From the smallest organisms surviving in the void of space to the bravest children growing up in abject poverty… from the boxing ring to the surgical table and back, the tenacity of life is unassailable! TEDxGramercy brings together a group of leading thinkers and doers across disciplines for a riveting journey to explore grit. What is this resiliency within us all? Does it know limits, or are the possibilities truly unbound? The event link: https://TEDxGramercy.com/Grit Link to purchase tickets: https://TEDxGramercy.com/Tickets The theme of the event is: Grit Event Date: Saturday, September 27th Event Time: Show starts 5:00pm Show up … Read More

Sep 252014
Meet and Greet Local Candidates

Join us for a candidate meet and greet, reception, and Q&A session. Meet candidate for Congress Sean Eldridge (D), candidate for NYS Senate Sue Serino (R), and candidates for NYS Assembly Kevin Cahill (D) and Kevin Roberts (R). Note: Representative Terry Gipson (D) will not be joining us. For more information e-mail jr5199@bard.edu, or visit http://www.election.bard.edu.

Sep 222014
CAA Winner Psychology Panel

Community Action Award winner Helena Wippick worked at the Yale University Cognition and Development lab. She will be hosting a panel so students can learn about the various kinds of research and internship opportunities available to them in the field.

Sep 222014

Apply to be a Campaign Organizer: 2 years of action for our environment, our democracy, our future.  My name is Sean Foran and I’m working to get big money out of politics with U.S. PIRG. U.S. PIRG is part of The Public Interest Network, and we’re hiring! To learn more and apply, visit http://publicinterestnetwork.org/page/pin/campaign-organizer. Our early application deadline is October 5th. The Public Interest Network, which includes Environment America, PIRG and other groups, is hiring graduating seniors to join our team of 50 campaign organizers working all across the country. It’s a two-year program designed to give you a chance to make a difference on some … Read More

Sep 222014
In the News: Ebola

The Bard Center for Civic Engagement and Bard Human Rights Project present a panel “In the News: Ebola,” featuring Bard Professors Diana Brown, Helen Epstein, Peter Rosenblum, and Cary Institute Scientist Barbara Han and moderated by Anthropology major Sophie Lazar ’15. The panel is scheduled for Wednesday, September 24 at 7:00 pm, Olin Humanities Building room 102 on Bard’s Campus. The panel will address the biological, regional, and political issues of the current Ebola crisis in West Africa. For more information, go to http://www.bard.edu/civicengagement/. The World Health Organization (WHO) has designated the latest Ebola outbreak a “public health emergency of international … Read More

Sep 192014

Shaya French, on working for LGBTQ prison abolition organization Black and Pink:  One thing I realized working at Black and Pink, a grassroots LGBTQ prison abolition organization, is how often I’ve been encouraged to have an opinion about something that I have no direct experience with. What do you think about the Palestinian/Israeli conflict? Should the poor have to prove they are working to receive welfare? Should transpeople go to prisons that match the gender they identify with? I value being well-versed about political issues in myself and seek out friends who want to talk about politics. But I’m becoming more aware … Read More

Sep 182014
Police Against Drug Prohibition

40 years on, the War on Drugs has been shown to be a complete failure, leading to mass incarceration and growing tensions between law enforcement and the very people they seek to protect. Come hear former NYPD Lieutenant Joanne Naughton talk about her experience enforcing drug laws and why she believes that the War on Drugs should be ended. Following the presentation, there will be a Q&A and a Know Your Rights workshop.   September 21 at 3 PM in RKC 103!