Sep 192014

Shaya French, on working for LGBTQ prison abolition organization Black and Pink:  One thing I realized working at Black and Pink, a grassroots LGBTQ prison abolition organization, is how often I’ve been encouraged to have an opinion about something that I have no direct experience with. What do you think about the Palestinian/Israeli conflict? Should the poor have to prove they are working to receive welfare? Should transpeople go to prisons that match the gender they identify with? I value being well-versed about political issues in myself and seek out friends who want to talk about politics. But I’m becoming more aware … Read More

Sep 182014
Police Against Drug Prohibition

40 years on, the War on Drugs has been shown to be a complete failure, leading to mass incarceration and growing tensions between law enforcement and the very people they seek to protect. Come hear former NYPD Lieutenant Joanne Naughton talk about her experience enforcing drug laws and why she believes that the War on Drugs should be ended. Following the presentation, there will be a Q&A and a Know Your Rights workshop.   September 21 at 3 PM in RKC 103!

Sep 082014

Author: Billy Kwon Hello! This is my last concluding blog post! The last two weeks have been quite a roller coaster ride. I have never felt so proud of the girls when they were giving their pitches at graduation night. I have also never felt so sad to say goodbye on the last day of Girls Who Code. During the last two weeks, the girls spent most of their time working on their final projects, but there were also a lot of speakers, activities, and workshops. We had a business model workshop where we learned about how different kinds of … Read More

Sep 052014

Ian A. Thaure: Emergent Phenomena: Why Environmental Policy is Never Easy A solar power plant in the Mojave Desert, one of the largest in the United States, has created an apocalyptic scenario for birds in the area. The light reflecting off of the panels is so intense that it causes birds to catch fire in mid-air when they fly over the arrays. Almost every two minutes throughout the day at the plant, a bird flies above the panels and bursts into flame. The damage caused by this plant might be irreversible and continue indefinitely. Thankfully, the California Energy Commission is reconsidering the … Read More

Sep 052014

Tyliah Penn: Hey Everyone! I hope y’all are super fantastic! My apologies for the lateness of my last post! When I think about BHSEC the only words that come to mind are: WHAT A SUMMER! Truthfully, to think that my internship has come to end is bittersweet. Finding an internship heavily focused on providing educational opportunities for minority students was a mere dream of mine and thanks to CCE it was made reality. As I enter into junior year with excitement, I cannot help to bring many of my experiences from BHSEC to influence my personal and academic striving. Working with BHSEC … Read More

Sep 032014
On the Road in Lima III

Author: Hannah Otto Field Report! Last week I got an exclusive chance to visit three different recycling centers owned and operated by formalized recyclers in Lima. This was something I have been anticipating since I set foot in South America. We took off from the office in Miraflores (the wealthiest part of Lima proper) around noon and within twenty minutes we made it to the first site in Chorrillos, a neighborhood on the very outskirts of Lima. I will let the pictures speak for themselves but rather mention what struck out most to me on these visits. This recycling center … Read More

Sep 022014

Abhishek Dev: My project was aimed at implementing a rigorous program to promote the understanding of the Interim Constitution by training local journalists and guiding them through the process of information dissemination. The project was implemented in two clusters one in the central Tarai covering Dhanusha, Mahottari and Sarlahi districts (Janakpur cluster) and another in the western Hills covering Syangja, Tanahun and Kaski districts (Pokhara cluster). I was involved in the group that selected these two regions. We selected these areas on the basis of a variety of criteria including accessibility, density of population, perceived amount of information about legal … Read More