CFCD Fellows

Adhaar Desai

Adhaar Desai aims to help faculty develop strategies for saving time to do more research during the school year by developing writing accountability programs, and sharing techniques for making teaching and grading more efficient. He also plans to help build an online archive of past syllabi, assignments, and class exercises to share among Bard faculty, and hopes to be a resource for answering questions that new and visiting faculty might have about Bard

Emily McLaughlin

As a CFCD Fellow, Emily intends to engage the Bard faculty in productive conversation, particularly on the many challenges presented to us both inside and outside of the classroom. More specifically, she will be focusing on pedagogical strategies used to promote a fruitful learning environment and tools that we can use to bolster inclusivity in the classroom.  She hopes that these conversations will facilitate the development and sharing of new pedagogical methods and fortify connections across the Bard community. Emily is also interested in assisting mid-career faculty in achieving a workload balance and certain career transitions.

Laura Kunreuther

Laura Kunreuther will officially join CFCD in the spring semester, and will be
focusing on helping organize research, writing and/or reading groups among
faculty. She is interested in hearing how Bard faculty imagines their research and
artistic programs can be enhanced from within Bard’s campus – so please contact
her with ideas. Laura may, for example, work with faculty to identify other scholars
or artists on campus outside of their immediate field whose work dovetails with
their own. Laura will also help faculty think of new ways to connect their research
or artistic practice to their classes, and ways to engage students in faculty’s own