Archive of Faculty Resources

Collected here are resources from elsewhere on the site and beyond.

Getting Settled:

New Faculty Survival Guide

Moodle Instructions


Advising and Moderation:

Faculty Guide to Academic Advising

Faculty Guide to Senior Projects

Moderation Instructions

Sample Moderation Report

Tips for Midterm Crite Sheets

Sample Crite Sheet


Assignment, Syllabus, & Course Design:

Thoughts on Assignment Design

Designing Your Syllabus

Syllabus Template

Sample Syllabus – 200 Level Biology

Sample Syllabus – 100 level Psychology

Sample Syllabus – 200 Level Philosophy

Sample Syllabus – 200 Level Film

Sample Syllabus – Art History

Sample Syllabus – 200 Level Literature Sequence

Sample Syllabus – 300 Level Literature Seminar

Sample Syllabus – 200 Level Literature

Sample Syllabus – 300 Level Literature

Sample Syllabus – 400 Level Chemistry

Sample Syllabus – 100 Level Chemistry


Working With Student Writers:

Responding to Student Writers

Nine Ways to Devote a Class to Writing

Bringing Writing into the Classroom

Johnson, Alex – Having a Bad Morning

Gaipa, Mark – Breaking Into the Conversation

Commenting Effectively on Student Writing

Guy, Alfred – Effective Draft Comments

Revision Strategies of Student Writers

Reverse Outline

Writing Research Papers

Nancy Sommers 


Small Groups and Peer Review:

Sample Peer Review Criteria

Peer Review Instructions

Peer Review of Primary Literature Style Papers



Reading Value Rubric

Rubric for Analytical Response Paper to a Research Article

Holistic Rubric

Hampshire Rubric

AUCA – FYS Persuasive Analytic Essay Rubric

Rubric for Visual Analysis Paper 

Class Participation Rubric

Sample Grading Rubric


Classroom Dynamic(s):

Creating Inclusive College Classrooms

Difficult Dialogues

Managing Hot Moments in the Classroom

Eight Actions to Reduce Racism in the Classroom


Close Reading:

Close Reading Instructions

Reading Poetry Worksheet

Reading Response Guidelines

“how to” guide



Liberal Arts and Science Education

Bartholomae, David – Inventing the University

Booth, Wayne – From Topics to Questions

BHSEC Academic Integrity