Jun 262012

During last week’s heatwave, we were warned by Clean Air NY that we should stay out of our cars where possible.  I decided to combine some exercise with food procurement and set off on my bicycle to Fraleigh’s Rose Hill Farm, located less than 2 miles from the light in the Village of Red Hook, and a quick  five miles  from Bard (route shown is the best bike route – stay off Route 9G on your bike!).

I was rewarded with a bucketful of the last of the sweet cherries and a how-to primer from a Kingston mom and her son on how to save the cherries for winter pies.  Because it was the end of the cherry-picking season, many of the fruits were beyond my reach.  Farmer Dave was trimming top branches and cut one down for me – easy pickings!

Upon checking out, I learned from Terry (you may find her behind the register at Taste Budd’s Chocolate and Coffee Cafe) that I had picked “Benton” cherries.  A close relation to Bing cherries, Benton cherries can withstand sudden downpours without bursting.

Dave and Terry let me know that blueberry picking is imminent.  The farm is open 8am-1pm.  Let me know what variety of blueberries you find!

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