May 132014

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As the school year wraps up, Bardians are looking to clean up and head out. The Office of Sustainability is offering a number of programs and reminders to help this process be as sustainable and stress-free as possible. We’ve put all our projects onto a BINGO board. Got BINGO? Email to claim your prize! And don’t forget to take the MoveOut pledge!

1. Food Drive –  If you’ve got extra cans of food around at the end of the year, donate them to the food drive. The goods will be delivered to a soup kitchen in Red Hook. Collection bins are in most kitchens.

2. FreeUse Drive  – The FreeUse Store is perfect for all the excess clothes, shoes, bedding, school supplies, knick knacks, etc.  you want to get rid of before the end of the year. In addition to the year-round collection bins in the dorms,  you will see larger blue “Barry” bins stationed around campus for extra or larger items. FreeUse gives the  things you no longer want a chance to be reused by someone else.  It’s just a garage though, so remember –  no furniture or items from off campus housing.


Barry the MoveOut monsterFeed Barry Move Out by ted


3. EcoBox Drive –  If you have old electronic items (cell phones), CFLs, ink jet cartridges or plastic bags you’re trying to get  rid of, look no further than your dorm’s EcoBox! The EcoBox is specifically for these items, which need to be  recycled in a special way. If there is no EcoBox in your dorm, talk to your dorm’s EcoRep(s) about bringing the items to the Office of Sustainability. Plastic bags can also be reused or  recycled in front of Hannaford’s.

 4. Bard Bartering – Check out the Bard Bartering Community’s page on Facebook. Perfect for selling, buying, and trading just about anything. Especially great for the end of the year! The EcoReps and Athletic Department are currently putting together a mini fridge moving service, ideal for people moving out of dorms. The service would pick up your fridge and deliver it to FreeUse.  Note that Habitat for Humanities sometimes picks up, or you can bring items to Goodwill or the Salvation Army located right across the bridge. Contact Wylie Earp ( or Alana Bortoluzzi ( for more information.

2013-04-20_12-32-41_712 5. Clean Out Your Fridge  – Be sure to clean out the kitchen – rotten food stinks.  Any food, containers, silverware, or other items left in the fridge, pantries,  or general kitchen area will be thrown out by your environmental service worker at the end of the year. You  can not only reduce this waste by properly composting food (Dean Shein is holding up the compost bin in the photo), recycling proper containers, and removing  personal silverware and dishes, but you can also save your environmental service worker a lot of trouble.  Win, win!

Thank you for leaving well.

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