Kiss Your Cable Co. Goodbye?

Maybe.  Where I live, the cable company has a monopoly; either you pay through the nose with them or you go the satellite route and pay through the nose with those guys.  Either way, my bill keeps rising every year and sometimes several times throughout the year. It’s annoying since I only get expanded cable; no pay channels. Lately I’ve been watching streaming movies on (about $3.99 ea.) on my laptop for added entertainment. No dvd rental pickup/return/ mail back.  Then I heard about Roku and now I’m dreaming about telling my cable company to hit the road.

Roku lets you connect to the wireless internet you already have in your house (this is a requirement) so that anything you were watching on your laptop is now available on your larger screen TV; anywhere in the house.  It also comes with apps that let you jump right to the type of programming you’d like including news, music, and movies. With some options, you may have to pay a small subscription fee for some options or are pay-on-demand channels, but the convenience this little box offers up is similar to using a DVR, but with much less hassle. I haven’t made the switch yet, but I’ve seen demos for this little gem and if it works as well as internet streaming on my laptop, I believe I may be an adopter even if I am a late one. Can’t wait to tell those cable guys to beat it.

About Karen Homan

Karen Homan is a 13 year veteran at Bard College where she writes and edits end-user documentation to educate faculty and staff in computer software. She has been involved with software training for over 15 years, is experienced in producing training videos, blogs about technology, and is now delving into WordPress.
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