Are we having fun yet?

Hello and welcome to my BITS blog.  I thought it would be fun to write entirely in acronyms, but then I thought again. Bear with me. I’ve started a few blogs in the past using various websites and they are now floating in the netherworld of the webosphere – unfinished, unattended, and forgotten about.  This time will be different!  (Dang it.) This time I will try to provide you, Bard faculty, students, and staff, with daytime diversions into my life as a technophile.   Hopefully, I can introduce to you tools, software, and sites that will interest, entertain, or actually make your life noticeably easier at your desk and beyond.  What do I know? I’m fairly new to this blog thing.  If you have questions, comments, or suggestions, well – email me.  Allowing comments makes for some major spammage.

The first thing I’d like to introduce you to is  Lo and behold the available dictionary, thesaurus, and encyclopedia there!  Throw away that chunky set of Britannicas you’ve got in the attic.  (Oh, alright, donate them.)  Better than the dictionary, they also have a word blog called Hot Word.   And no, it’s not too cool for this school. I’m a crossword puzzle and scrabble fanatic, so I’m liking all things word.  Word up, man. Check back every once in awhile, will ya?

About Karen Homan

Karen Homan is a 13 year veteran at Bard College where she writes and edits end-user documentation to educate faculty and staff in computer software. She has been involved with software training for over 15 years, is experienced in producing training videos, blogs about technology, and is now delving into WordPress.
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